Rosanna's 6 month update

Things feel well & truly settled in our lives now. It's as though Anna has always been with us.

Sugar Snap Studio - Animal Prints

After writing Anna's 3 month update a few of you noticed that I've made a humble start on an art collage wall in the girls room & I thought it was about time that I wrote about where I got the animal prints from.

Rosanna's 5 Month Update


This age is where things start going from cute to cute & fun: Anna is super alert, trying to communicate & is developing a fab sense of humour. She has an adorable greeting for people that she loves which consists of her grinning & gurgling while thrashing her arms & legs. I remember Evelyn doing something similar it always reminded me of a puppy but without as much hair.

Rosanna's 4 Month Update

I had this all ready to write yesterday but things weren't quite as straight forward as I had hoped. I woke at 2am & spent the morning studying until I finally felt like I could sleep again at 7. Got half an hour & then went to look at a potential nursery for the girls to go to for when I am back at work. I then realised I felt pretty rubbish & it turns out I have mastitis so I didn't really feel like going back on the computer after that. George was really helpful & let me try to sleep & I spent the next 12 hours going from being freezing & wrapped in blankets in the bed to sweating & hugging the bathroom floor. Oh the glamour.

Rosanna's 3 Month Update

This month has been a big month for Anna: She was Christened & has been rolling over as often as she possibly can. This age is when it starts getting interesting for me as a parent. There's more interaction & Anna is more sturdy. She's still gorgeous & cute, but she's also fun & that makes everything that much more enjoyable.

Evelyn's 30 month update

Today is Evelyn's half birthday. She's 2 years 6 months exactly & she is still, without a doubt, one of my favourite people on the planet.

Evelyns First Ballet Class

Evie started playing around with "dance moves" just after she learnt to walk. I still have no idea if every child is like that but it surprised me as she had never seen a dance & I sort of assumed that she wouldn't know what to do. That's silly, I know, but none the less I decided then & there that if she still showed an interest in a year that I would find a dance class for her.

Rosanna's Christening

Yesterday morning little Rosanna was Christened. It is the same weekend (first Sunday in September) that Evelyn was Christened on & was at the same church, Christened by the same vicar. Anna wore the same dress & we had the afterparty at the same place.

Evelyn & Freddie's Treefest Date

It has become a yearly tradition for us to visit treefest so despite the poor weather forecast we decided to suit up & have a mosey around the stalls. This was Evelyn's 3rd time going (Evie's first visit) & it was a special one because not only did we have Rosanna (who snoozed the entire time) but we also brought along her partner-in-crime Freddie.

I didn't ask for them to pose for any photos, I just snapped away while they were on their date & I thought, that as they looked so cute, I would share some of my favourites. Here's their date story, slightly modified of course ;)

Rosanna's 2 month update

This month has gone by quickly & it doesn't feel like a lot has changed but looking at Anna now & comparing her to last months photos I can really see how much she has filled out. She's thriving.

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

One year ago, on another equally rainy morning, I was getting ready to marry the only man for whom I would ever brave walking down the isle for.

Birth Cards - Keepsake DIY

I'm not really the sentimental type but I do struggle with throwing some things away that I think either of our daughters might want to see later in life. Because of this I have had a bunch of greetings cards that were sent to us after Evelyn's birth sat in a box on top of her wardrobe where they have been for the last 27 months.

Rosanna's 1 Month Update

One month old! I'm writing this with Rosanna fast asleep on my lap & Evelyn fast asleep on the floor as she decided her bedroom was too far away from us but didn't want to be on this bed. Love her.

Rosanna's 3 Week Update

It's a cliche, but I feel like these last three weeks have gone so quickly but I also feel like Anna has been with us forever.

Rosanna's 2 week update

Today is Georges first day back at work after his paternity leave & my parents are off to Turkey so it's just the girls & I for the first time. I'm a little nervous. This last week has been lovely & it's also had its challenges. Anna eats so much that it's hard for me to engage with Evelyn as much as I want to & Evelyn has small (tiny really) episodes of jealousy. I love seeing them together though so I hope that I can focus on the happiness & not stress too much. I'll let you know next week...

I'm hoping to find the time to write our thank you cards this week we're so grateful to the people who have taken the time to write us a card or send us a gift & I really want to be able to thank each of you properly. I know I'll get better at prioritising anything outside of the basics but I'm not quite there yet. Writing this, for instance, has been fit in to "movie time" which would potentially be the best time to cook/clean/shower. I'm learning, slowly.

Rosanna's 1 Week Update

On Saturday 20th June at 13:00 we welcomed our daughter Rosanna Erika (Anna) into the world & into our family. She weighed 3.5kg (7lb 13), has deep blue eyes & strawberry blonde hair. She also has a stork mark on her forehead that is the twin of the one I was born with. She's perfect.

39 / 40 weeks pregnant

I never thought I would see this far into a pregnancy which is kind of cool but I'm super uncomfortable & not exactly enjoying myself so sorry if this post comes across a little uppity - I'm a walking hormone.
I had my 38 week midwife checkup last Tuesday & baby girl is doing great. She was 3/5 palpable, heartbeat is great, the height of my uterus is 38cms & my blood pressure is good too so things are looking pretty much as they should be. I've not written a birth plan yet but I've been given the okay to choose a midwife lead unit if I want to. I probably wont, unless the labour is super quick, but it's good to have the option.

My mormor (mums mum) was over from Sweden last week, she was a midwife herself & it was the nicest thing for me to spend time with her while being pregnant. I had hoped that baby would have made her appearance while she was here but I know she'll come when she's ready.

How far along? 40 weeks
Measurement at waist: 93cm (2cm SMALLER)
Measurement at largest point: 108cm (5cm larger)
Mood? I'm a crying wreck.
Symptoms: Crying?
Compulsions: Cleaning. I stupidly hoovered the whole house. It looks nice though..
Physical: I'm bigger than I've ever been. My skin is in pretty good condition, my nails are lovely & my legs are covered in hormone spots...
Fashion: hahahaha.
Cravings: Salads. Or other summer foods. Ice cream?
Sleep? I've actually not got any sleeping complaints this week. I've gotten so used to my new sleeping pattern that I barely care that it's rubbish. I've also been able to nap most days so that's lovely.
Movement or Labour signs? Movement is different. I've scared myself a few times but kick counting has been able to calm me down more often than not.
Looking forward to: driving somewhere without the worry of going into labour.
How's Evelyn? Cheeky. She's experiencing a lot of toddler confusion which mean that a small portion of every day is taken up by tantrums but they're generally tolerable: Patience & hugs will see her through. Most days are "dry" now so we're saving a lot of money on nappies. I've been warned that she might go back a step or two when baby gets here so I'm prepared for that but I'm very proud of her regardless.

37 / 38 Weeks Pregnant

Today is the first time that I've ever been 38 weeks pregnant. Evie came into the world before I got that far in my last pregnancy so it's kind of nice to have this unique experience with baby 2, even if it's all just a technicality.

35/36 weeks pregnant

I'm not quite "full term" yet but this feels like the home stretch now because with my last pregnancy at this point I was less than 2 weeks from meeting my first little monkey.

33/34 weeks pregnant & a cheeky gender reveal.

Another week another double update. I know that I'm bigger but other than that things aren't changing a huge amount so I thought I'd wait until after my baby shower to post anything so that we can share baby's gender with you all...

31/32 weeks pregnant

I feel like I'm running out of new things to say. The pregnancy is ticking along & not much has changed. I'll try not to make a habit of skipping a week but if it happens again please bear with me, it's likely I'm just trying to avoid the mundane.

How far along? 32 weeks
Measurement at waist: 87cm (no change)
Measurement at largest point: 96cm (+1) 4cms smaller than this point last time
Mood? Generally high spirited but tetchy without warning & a little bit anxious.

Symptoms: .my tummy button is starting to darken & my eyes are crazy dry.
Compulsions: Nothing new here, though I have finished our garden plans which is exciting. I'm looking forward to that project.
Physical: Most of my physical are mental. I feel rounder than I am, I feel spottier & I feel like I have swollen ankles but I don't. 

Fashion: I'm re-reading A Guide to Elegance & in the chapter titled Expecting Genevieve has written: "The period during which a woman is expecting a baby is not always, it must be admitted, the most propitious one for elegance." I love her for this statement.
Cravings: Sleep, the ability to run & a cleaner.
Sleep? I try to sleep as soon as Evelyn goes to sleep & I wake up when she wakes me up (generally 8 - 6) & I try to nap if I'm ever fortunate enough to have the chance to. But I'm so uncomfortable that my quality of sleep is rather poor...
Movement or Labour signs? Baby has been quite lazy this week, but not enough to cause concern.
Looking forward to: Getting a physio appointment.

How's Evelyn? Funny & stubborn & smart & cute. She suits sunshine. I hope you're all enjoying the weather too.

Evelyn's Wildlife Trip

On Evelyn's birthday George & I booked the day off of work & took a road trip to Buford to see the animals at Cotswold Wildlife Park. It was the first time in over 3 years that I had been so I was really excited to go back & see how Evie reacted to it all.

30 weeks pregnant

Here we are, at the beginning of the 30s! I feel really calm in my pregnancy now - everything feels real & it feels like the home stretch. I have started allowing myself to really picture what life may be like when little one arrives. Maybe it's because I never saw the 40s or maybe it's because when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Evelyn that's when George proposed but there's just something nice about the 30 week milestone. 

Emilie Marsden Photography

I'm really excited to share a few of the gorgeous photographs that we had taken of our little family last summer. I'm sure that you'll love them as much as I do & if you've stumbled across this post with the intention of finding a photographer I hope that you'll be inspired to check out more of Emilie's work.

29 weeks pregnant

This is the first week that I can properly compare this pregnancy to the last one (29 weeks first pregnancy) which is quite fun. One thing that I had forgotten is that Evelyn used to get hiccups all the time now that I've read it I can remember the feeling vividly - it was so odd. This baby hasn't had any yet.

28 weeks pregnant

It was Evelyn's birthday on Monday so we took her to the zoo & we all had such a nice time. I'll write in detail about the trip soon so won't give too much away now but I'd definitely like to go back soon.


I love that I keep a record of everything because it's times like this that I am taken aback by how quickly time flies. I thought it would feel like an age between writing Evelyn's 1 Year Update & now but it feels like yesterday & although so much is different it's all happened seamlessly.

27 weeks pregnant

Well here it is, my first late update of the pregnancy & hopefully the last. I had one of the most frustrating days yesterday & couldn't even find two seconds to tidy up my tea mugs let alone type & I certainly wasn't in any position to take pictures.

26 weeks pregnant

I had a lovely catch up with two of my favourite people last night & feel a lot more relaxed for it. There's something so nice about just chatting with the girls.

As well as it being 26 weeks into the pregnancy it is also my beautiful mormor's birthday today so I want to say another big HAPPY  BIRTHDAY to her & I wish we could give you a proper cuddle but hope it wont be too long until we can again.

25 weeks pregnant

We bought a new car on the weekend & said goodbye to the truck (click on the link if you or anyone you know is on the look out - it's being sold for a bargain). I miss it very much. I know George misses it more & that's made more prominent because I'm very happy with our new vehicle & he's in the process of learning to like it. It's practical & I know he'll notice how much easier our life will be because of that. The only thing left to do is install bike storage. After that I think George will be happier...

24 weeks pregnant

I've been poorly again this week. I feel like a broken record saying it but it's intrinsically linked with my mood so it's almost a little disclaimer.

Our Wedding Slideshow

It's been exactly 6 months since our wedding & although I've shared a few snippets from our big day I wanted to wait until today before sharing our wedding slide show with the world. I can be a bit romantic like that sometimes.

I want to say a huge thank you, again, to our beautiful photographers Isabelle & Emmi-Sabina of 2 Brides. I'm so happy that we chose you & I know we will treasure these images for the rest of our lives.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

23 weeks pregnant

After having had last Friday off of work to look after a poorly Evelyn I now have the next two month of Fridays off to look after, what I hope will be, a healthy happy Evelyn. Which is much more fun. We're going to look at a car in an hour or so as the truck can't fit two car seats in the back & we could do with having a boot. It's been quite hard considering swapping it because we like it so much & that's made us quite fussy about what we could consider a suitable replacement. But this one seems good & as long as it doesn't honk of stale smoke like the last one we went to view then I would say its a definite maybe.

22 weeks pregnant

I am so tired right now that I can't even bring myself to edit out the red eye in my picture. This is nothing to do with pregnancy & everything to do with having a poorly toddler who woke me up at 5:30 this morning. Still, I wanted to get this posted today as I find it hard enough to remember what's happened in the past week without adding a day or two. So here it is: 22 weeks pregnant, written in my tired & cranky voice, without any care for editing. Doesn't get much more real than that... :D

21 weeks pregnant

This week has been really nice. The most exciting event was having our 20 week scan on Tuesday. I booked that day off of work so that I could relax rather than rush & so it was, as always, a lovely experience. I want to say a huge thank you to our ultra sound technician for being so thorough & talking us through everything & for giving us the gift of knowing our baby's gender.

20 weeks pregnant


This week has been all about wearing my tummy proudly. I've favoured more figure hugging tops over the baggier variety & although I am aware that I could still be mistaken for someone who's eaten too much for lunch I feel quite happy in myself.

19 weeks pregnant

I was hesitant around posting two updates in such close succession so rather than taking my measurements are normal time (9am ish) for today's update I decided to take my photos & measurements in the evening. I forgot to mention in my last post that the size difference can sometimes be vast between morning & evening. Especially the difference in size placement. Realistically this is probably because I haven't had a night to digest my food but a lot of other pregnant women notice this too & thought you might be interested to see the change.

18 weeks pregnant

It feels like yesterday that I was documenting my pregnancy with Evelyn but we're actually 2 years down the line! How crazy is that? It doesn't feel the same as last time though. But then, the circumstance is entirely different: When I was pregnant with Evelyn I was self employed, waiting for our house to be built so living with my lovely parents, I spent a lot of time sleeping or vomiting & by this point I would have already had a trip to hospital courtesy of hyperemesis.

Something Exciting...

George & I feel hugely blessed to share with you the news that our little family is expanding this summer.

Baby is due mid June & judging by my early enormity it has been desperate to make itself known. I am looking forward to ditching the baggy jumpers & wearing my pregnancy with pride. Thank you to everyone who has already congratulated us, we are overjoyed.

I hope to find the time to bring everyone along on this journey via the blog if you would like to share it with us. For now we want to wish everyone a joyous start to 2015. X

Toddler New Years Resolutions

Last year Evelyn helped me to compile a list of "Baby New Year Resolutions" so I thought it would be fun to revisit & revise the list for her toddler self.

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