Evelyn's first Christmas

I didn't spend as much time behind the camera as I usually would so I have no artsy photographs but I do have a few snaps of Evelyn. They're not set up, or posed, or beautifully lit - they're just honest & I love them for it.

Baby Christmas Photoshoot - Blogmas day 22

I've been saying for a really long time that I would write about our photography session with Emilie Sandy but I hadn't before now because I wanted to wait until a little closer to Christmas to share all of the photos.

Tomte - Blogmas Day 21

We have a few Tomte scattered around the house, watching over the presents until Christmas eve & looking rather adorable while doing so.

Pepparkakor - Blogmas Day 20

Yesterday afternoon, between looking after baby Evelyn & a poorly George, I managed to bake some Pepparkaka hearts. My mamma made a big batch of dough a while back & a portion of it has been waiting in my fridge for a free hour, which doesn't come very often.

Evelyn's 9 month update Blogmas day 16

While writing this Evelyn is in her door bouncer twirling round & around in circles. She's become obsessed with making herself dizzy. If she's not twirling then she's shaking her head from side to side (like she's telling you no) until she gets a drunk smile on her face. It's pure comedy genius.

Our Christmas Tree - Blogmas Day 9

I've fallen head over heels in love with our little tree that we bought yesterday. It's dressed a little more than I've shown in these pictures but I wasn't sure that I wanted to share it all decorated because it's such a personal thing.

Picking our Christmas tree - Blogmas Day 8

This morning George & I went to buy our very first real Christmas tree from a farm local to us. We were recommended them by our friends & as we have the truck we offered to take them along so that we could pick our trees together.

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