30 weeks pregnant

Here we are, at the beginning of the 30s! I feel really calm in my pregnancy now - everything feels real & it feels like the home stretch. I have started allowing myself to really picture what life may be like when little one arrives. Maybe it's because I never saw the 40s or maybe it's because when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Evelyn that's when George proposed but there's just something nice about the 30 week milestone. 

Tomorrow is George's birthday & rather than me giving a traditional gift he's going to book some tattoo time which is so long over due. It wont be for a little while but I'm really excited to see what he'll get done & hopefullyyyyy he'll also like the gifts that Evelyn & bump have bought him.

How far along? 30 weeks (hadn't you guessed?)
Measurement at waist: 87cm (+2)
Measurement at largest point: 95cm (Same as last week) again this is 2cm less than last time. I am carrying very differently though.
Mood? I feel really good actually, which is surprising considering how acute my pain has been this past week & being chipper is certainly not thanks to the weather.

Symptoms: My SPD is steadily worsening & walking/sitting/driving is becoming difficult because of it but I'm trudging along & am happy practising mind over matter for pain control. haha..
Compulsions: I've been sketching a lot of house plans this last week - I assume that's because I've rearranged every REAL room in our house & have nothing physical left to nest with. Before anyone suggests that I get my hands dirty in the garden I'm one step ahead of you! I've been mentally planning the next stage of that project - sure I'm not actually DOING anything yet but the intention is there.
Physical: My nails are FINALLY becoming enviable! 

Fashion: I'm currently writing this post while wearing my moomin pj's & enjoying having a face mask working its magic so maybe it would be for the best if I skip this question.
Cravings: Nope, the list of things I'm enjoying eating is withering quite quickly.
Sleep? Sleep is really not good.
Movement or Labour signs? Lots of movement, right now in fact. Baby is a wriggler.
Looking forward to: Birthday breakfast for George tomorrow morning, Easter egg hunt with my parents in the afternoon & lunch with them on Sunday. Another four day working week can't be frowned at either.

How's Evelyn? She's grand. She has had an exciting week, not least because of her little road trip to Wales. She was more shy than usual while we were there & she did have a few wee accidents but there was no denying that she has found a new favourite past time in chasing sheep. 

P.S Although, I'm sure you can already tell, I thought it worth mentioning that Evie was having a little paddy while I was taking my bump photos this morning. So, to show a TINY snippet of the more exhausting side of parenting I thought it would be fun to include the photo of her screaming her little head off. We've all been there right?

P.P.S Yes, those are the moomin PJ's & no I'm not embarrassed to have a photo of me wearing them out there for the world to see. They're comfy as hell.

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