29 weeks pregnant

This is the first week that I can properly compare this pregnancy to the last one (29 weeks first pregnancy) which is quite fun. One thing that I had forgotten is that Evelyn used to get hiccups all the time now that I've read it I can remember the feeling vividly - it was so odd. This baby hasn't had any yet.

How far along? 29 weeks
Measurement at waist: 85cm (+3)
Measurement at largest point: 95cm (+3) this is 2cms less than my last pregnancy.
Mood? I'm happy enough, but very teary. I don't feel angry any more so that's a real relief. I really don't want to be touched though.

Symptoms: I met my new midwife on Wednesday & was diagnosed with SPD which explains the pain I've been getting. It's gotten a lot worse this last week, especially when walking up stairs or having been sat for a long period of time. It's good to have a diagnosis but I'm nervous that the pain is only going to get worse.
Compulsions: I guess disliking physical contact is the result of a compulsion? Maybe. I feel like it's because I want to protect myself but I could be making that up.
Physical: Not a lot has changed this week. I do feel like I'm redder though becuase I'm getting hot a lot.
Fashion: My staple is a pair of comfortable trousers, a pair of flats, a long vest, a jumper & a scarf. The scarf is the pregnant womans best friend. I love it very much.
Cravings: I don't really like food at the moment. I'm not really eating for dinner at all & although I'm eating constantly during the day - nothing is especially exciting & I'm just eating for fuel. George & I are going on a date tonight though so hopefully I'll be able to enjoy that food. Fingers crossed.
Sleep? I've been in a lot of pain so it's not been great. I've also been waking up in panic about sleeping on my back. Evelyn's waking at 5 now though, not 4 so that's good...
Movement or Labour signs? Lots of movement. Lots of being kicked in the ribs &/or the bladder.
Looking forward to: Date night. Another little 2nd birthday party & a trip to Wales.
How's Evelyn? She's lovely  & was really excited about being phographed this week. I shouldn't really be picking her up but it was worth it & I love cuddling her. She learns a new word every day & it's so nice, we're really starting to have little conversations now & her potty training is going very well. I love her very much.

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