Rosanna's 6 month update

Things feel well & truly settled in our lives now. It's as though Anna has always been with us.

Age: 6 months
Length: 68CM
Sleep&food: Anna's sleeping patterns haven't changed much but there has been the odd wake the last few nights as both her & Evelyn are poorly. She's not really interested in being breastfed during the day any more but she still has a big feed in the evening. What she eats will vary from day to day but generally it doesn't differ too vastly from what I eat.
Rosanna's favourite thing: Sitting up & playing with her cot toy. Evelyn was given the toy from Georges parents for her first birthday so it's been well loved & it's really nice to see it being used by Anna too.
My favourite thing: Food. I've fallen back in love with cooking & I think that might be partly because I'm enjoying that we all eat together.
Milestones: Anna is a sponge, but not like Evelyn was. Evelyn loved to watch but then tried things straight away no matter how well she does them (she still does), Anna is more tentative with her decision of when to try something. She seems to revel in watching. I love every similarity & every difference. I don't think it will be long until her first tooth pushes through & I fully expect Anna to be crawling before our next update - she's almost mastered the backwards crawl. Very cute.
Looking forward to: Christmas & the girls being fully recovered.
What I want to remember: How readily children smile. There's a lot to learn from that.

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