27 weeks pregnant

Well here it is, my first late update of the pregnancy & hopefully the last. I had one of the most frustrating days yesterday & couldn't even find two seconds to tidy up my tea mugs let alone type & I certainly wasn't in any position to take pictures.

Evie's sleep pattern is getting worse. There has not been a day that she hasn't woken at 4 this last week & it's really exhausting us. Yesterday was particularly exhausting because she wasn't a happy bunny while she was awake & I could only coax a 20 minute nap from her. Today has been better & we've enjoyed spending time with my dad.

How far along? 27 weeks, 1 day
Measurement at waist: 81cm (+2)
Measurement at largest point: 91cm (+1)
Mood? I'm quite chipper actually, but the sleep deprivation is making me teary & cranky. It would be a lot more explosive if I was hormonally cranky too though. Every cloud...
Symptoms: Snot. So much snot. I also feel very heavy.
Compulsions: Organising again. This time I have rearranged our en suite. Again.
Physical: My nails are getting better but are still brittle, I've still got an outtie & my skin is still spotty. On the plus side... nope can't think of anything.
Fashion: I'm wearing a lot of leggings & loose tops with long vests under. I'm starting to feel a lot warmer so I don't need many layers.
Cravings: Sleep, I am craving sleep.
Sleep? Don't think I need to cover this any more than what I mentioned in my intro. If I was talking about sleep related entirely to the pregnancy though I would say things were pretty normal other than not being able to sleep on my tummy. I don't need to get up multiple times to go to the loo yet.
Movement or Labour signs? Movement has felt different this week, things have felt a little more like I'm getting a massage. There are still obvious kicks though which are reassuring.
Looking forward to: Evelyn's birthday on Monday. Weather permitting we are taking her to the zoo. Fingers crossed she'll love it.
How's Evelyn? Oblivious to her upcoming birthday. I've had her gifts wrapped since I bought them but haven't made any show of hiding them - they're in the living room in a John Lewis bag & she never even gives them a second glance. I don't think I'll get away with that next year.

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