Evelyn & Freddie's Treefest Date

It has become a yearly tradition for us to visit treefest so despite the poor weather forecast we decided to suit up & have a mosey around the stalls. This was Evelyn's 3rd time going (Evie's first visit) & it was a special one because not only did we have Rosanna (who snoozed the entire time) but we also brought along her partner-in-crime Freddie.

I didn't ask for them to pose for any photos, I just snapped away while they were on their date & I thought, that as they looked so cute, I would share some of my favourites. Here's their date story, slightly modified of course ;)

"Look Evelyn, I got you a pony."
"Oh, I love it. Thank you Freddie."
"Can I have one like that too?"
"Okay, lets go find some materials."
"That one's not good enough Freddie."
"This one's much better"

"Just making the final touches."
"Now, lets go find something to eat, I'm starving"
"I think it'd be faster if we walked Freddie, your car is a little on the slow side."
"You wait here, I'll go across the water to get our food."
"Yepp, this is my favourite."
"Can you take a final photo, to remember our date?" Three, two, one...
Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday :D x

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