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After writing Anna's 3 month update a few of you noticed that I've made a humble start on an art collage wall in the girls room & I thought it was about time that I wrote about where I got the animal prints from.

A while back Evelyn & Freddie (you've met him before here) had the awesome experience of being chosen to help promote Sugar Snap Studio's new A-Z range & as a thank you they were both gifted a personalised print to take home.

Evie fell in love with hers so I promptly bought a frame & hung it above her bed, then as soon as we had decided on Rosanna's name I ordered the "R is for" & personalised that too.

Both prints are now pride of place & add that touch of colour that children love in their bedroom but in a subtle way to compliment what I want in my home. I took inspiration from Anorak & Scion when decorating the girls room & the prints are perfectly in keeping with that feel and quality.

None of the designs conform to gender stereotypes, which I love, but they're so cleverly thought out that I think you could quite easily finish them with a "boyish" or "girly" frame if you wanted to.

I got back in touch with Jessie (the artist) a little while ago to make sure that it was okay for me to write a post linking to her site & she gave me a heads up around a promotional code for Christmas.

Soooooo, if you're looking for a gift that's a bit different & will last for years, for December you can use the discount code XMASGIFT at the checkout to get your print & the postage for £25.

You can view all of the gorgeous designs here or you can contact Jessie directly if you would like any further information on her work. To add personalisation to any print just add your chosen name in the "note to seller" section at the checkout.

Happy Shopping :D

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