19 weeks pregnant

I was hesitant around posting two updates in such close succession so rather than taking my measurements are normal time (9am ish) for today's update I decided to take my photos & measurements in the evening. I forgot to mention in my last post that the size difference can sometimes be vast between morning & evening. Especially the difference in size placement. Realistically this is probably because I haven't had a night to digest my food but a lot of other pregnant women notice this too & thought you might be interested to see the change.

This week I had my works meeting with HR to "officially" announce my pregnancy & I drip fed the news to my colleagues there after. Initially just the members of my team & then everyone today by leaving treats in the kitchen & instructing everyone by email to get fat with me. I know maybe 5% of all the people in my workplace but it felt like a nice thing to do, so I thought why not: It'll probably be the last chance I have to make a cute announcement & it meant that I don't have to tell many people face-to-face.

How far along? 19 weeks.
Measurement at waist: 75.5cm (+1.5cm)
Measurement at largest point: 84cm (-1cm)
Mood? I've had a difficult week in my home life so I've been crying a lot but with that being said I've actually felt happy underneath it all. I feel a lot "lighter" now that my pregnancy is out in the open & I've allowed myself to let my guard down a bit & get excited.
Symptoms: Bleedy gums. I had this last pregnancy & it's something that I forgot about. It's not uncomfortable but it's a little unsettling & it's made me a little concerned that I'm walking around with bad breath.
Compulsions: I find myself smiling for no reason, I'm sure I look like a loon but it's certainly a step up from irrational rage. I'm also a bit more scatty than usual & easily distracted. On the flip side I'm super alert when I'm in the car & I find myself envisaging a crash around every corner. It's totally irrational & I'm sure it makes me a horrendous passenger, but it can't be helped - I'm in protection mode.
Physical: I don't think it will come as a surprise that there's no change from Tuesdays post. One thing I have noticed, that I didn't mention, is that I'm a little lopsided in the bra department, which matches how I was post-natally with Evelyn. I guess it's body memory.
Fashion: I can't really fit into my work clothes comfortably any more, but now that I don't have to hide my bump I'm having more fun with what I'm wearing. No new purchases though.
Cravings: Garlic snails with a side of macdonalds chips. I haven't given in to the craving but it's left me a little confused. I haven't eaten snails in years. I don't even know where I would buy them from if the craving got to the point that I HAD to have it. I'll let you know if it gets to crunch point but for now I'll just let things be mental. (In every sense).
Sleep? I've been dopey but not exhausted very often. Still no time for naps though which I miss & long for, but you can't have it all.
Movement or Labour signs? I feel baby when I'm sat down, in the day. It's lovely, especially when it happens at work, keeps me chirpy.
Looking forward to: Going to Ikea. There's nothing in the diary officially, but I'm hoping we'll go as a family next week & get some meatballs for dinner & buy some bits for the house. I feel so relaxed in that place!
How's Evelyn? Scrummy. She's dancing at every opportunity & super cuddly & lush. In the mornings when she wakes up she'll take her teddy/kitten/elephant, climb the stairs to our bedroom & wake us up with a "hiyaa". Sometimes her timings a little off & it'll be 2am when she starts her climb but George is a magician so takes her back to bed. Even if this does happen though we'll always get our 7/7:30 wake up call & it's lovely. She's a gem.

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