In to the woods - SVA Goods Shed

At 1:30 this afternoon Evelyn & I went to watch my littler brother (& the rest of the lovely cast) in a performance of in to the woods at SVA Goods Shed. Usually I steer clear of youth theater - even my brother was surprised that I went along - but I am so glad that I got over myself & watched the show. The cast were all brilliant, Rachel (the director) did a great job working with the space & the musicians were phenomenal. I loved the atmosphere, the attention to detail & I especially love how pleasantly surprised I was.

Cotswold Wildlife Park - Keeper for a day.

This blog post is long over due but here it is: My first ever throwback Thursday post.

Baby friends

Amarah, Olly, Evelyn & Freddie

You know when you're young & you plan out your life to the year: "I'll have started a career by 23, be married by 25, have my first baby at 27 etc"? My plans went further than that: I decided at a very young age that I wanted to be pregnant at the same time as my best friend. Obviously, real life doesn't work that way but being the first couple in our friendship group to get pregnant still really scared me because I wanted to know someone that was going through the same thing as me. I wanted to compare notes, check that certain things were normal & part of me wanted our child to have a baby friend or two right from the start.

Our garden project - 2 feet under

It didn't take as long as I said in my last update that I thought it would to shift all the soil from the bottom of the garden, in fact we're about 2 weeks ahead of my very pessimistic schedule. It did, however, take more loads that I predicted: It took 13. We never loaded the truck more than was safe to drive so we may have been able to do a few less trips by overfilling it but it's more important to be comfortable than speedy. We ended up moving around 200 cubic feet of soil using spades & a wheelbarrow.

Evelyn's Christening

Yesterday at St George's church in Cam our baby girl was Christened. The Church is one that George's mum has a connection with so we were lucky enough to have her Christening during one of their children's services which meant planning was minimal & it was less formal than it might other wise have been. I haven't been to church in a long time & I don't think that I've ever been to a service in a church quite so traditional so I was a little nervous, but the atmosphere was friendly & everyone was so welcoming. The vicar, Sophia, who Christened Evelyn was so kind & made us feel really comfortable.

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