31/32 weeks pregnant

I feel like I'm running out of new things to say. The pregnancy is ticking along & not much has changed. I'll try not to make a habit of skipping a week but if it happens again please bear with me, it's likely I'm just trying to avoid the mundane.

How far along? 32 weeks
Measurement at waist: 87cm (no change)
Measurement at largest point: 96cm (+1) 4cms smaller than this point last time
Mood? Generally high spirited but tetchy without warning & a little bit anxious.

Symptoms: .my tummy button is starting to darken & my eyes are crazy dry.
Compulsions: Nothing new here, though I have finished our garden plans which is exciting. I'm looking forward to that project.
Physical: Most of my physical are mental. I feel rounder than I am, I feel spottier & I feel like I have swollen ankles but I don't. 

Fashion: I'm re-reading A Guide to Elegance & in the chapter titled Expecting Genevieve has written: "The period during which a woman is expecting a baby is not always, it must be admitted, the most propitious one for elegance." I love her for this statement.
Cravings: Sleep, the ability to run & a cleaner.
Sleep? I try to sleep as soon as Evelyn goes to sleep & I wake up when she wakes me up (generally 8 - 6) & I try to nap if I'm ever fortunate enough to have the chance to. But I'm so uncomfortable that my quality of sleep is rather poor...
Movement or Labour signs? Baby has been quite lazy this week, but not enough to cause concern.
Looking forward to: Getting a physio appointment.

How's Evelyn? Funny & stubborn & smart & cute. She suits sunshine. I hope you're all enjoying the weather too.

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