33/34 weeks pregnant & a cheeky gender reveal.

Another week another double update. I know that I'm bigger but other than that things aren't changing a huge amount so I thought I'd wait until after my baby shower to post anything so that we can share baby's gender with you all...

I was considering trying to take a photo of the three of us somehow revealing baby's gender but because we're all that little bit awkward in front of the camera I didn't think a set up photograph would really suit us. So instead I got these more honest snaps of us as a family. I love them. They make me laugh & I'm happier typing than posing so here it goes:

George & I are really excited to announce that sometime in June (probably) we will be welcoming our second daughter into the world.

Some people have unabashedly shared their preconceived idea that 'one of each' is the ideal family, although I can understand why there is that school of thought, I don't agree. George & I are both over the moon & would have been no matter what our ultrasound had revealed. An ideal family hasn't got anything to do with the number or boys of girls there are in it, or in fact whether there are any children in it at all. So the gender of our baby REALLY didn't/doesn't matter to us any more than what hair colour they might have.

Which may leave you confused as to why we bothered to find out before the birth, especially considering that we didn't last time around & I firmly believe that was the right choice. The truth is that I needed to know everything I possibly could about the baby that I'm carrying. I have become impatient in this pregnancy, which I'm generally not.

I couldn't comprehend that Evelyn was real until I held her for the first time & I had no idea how overwhelming meeting her would be. I fell in love with her in an entirely indescribable way when I first held her. I still revel in everything that I learn about her & I have such fervour for that knowledge that it has transferred to the way I feel about this child too & has made me quite unattractively desperate to find out EVERYTHING I can when I can.

There are practicalities of knowing too & they played their role but mostly it was because I needed a better/clearer/as full as possible picture of who our baby is. Knowing her gender is just a tiny part of that puzzle so I took the opportunity as soon as I could, because I could, not because there was a hope attached to either gender but because it made me feel closer her.

So there it is. I can, with as much certainty as is possible at this stage, say that before the end of summer Evelyn will have a little sister & George will be sharing his home with 3 girls & a castrated cat. Challenge accepted, beer/whisky welcomed.

How far along? 34 weeks + 5 days
Measurement at waist: 94CM (7CM bigger!!!!)
Measurement at largest point: 100cm (+4CM) Same as last pregnancy
Mood? I've been rather low in truth, felt rather let down & lonely. Don't want to make light of it but it's likely fuelled by hormones & it's also not been my only emotion, I've been very happy too.
Symptoms: My pregnancy line has started making an appearance, like last time. I thought it might after my tummy button went but its still a bit odd & I still think it makes my tummy look like a pokeball .
Compulsions: We've decided against the garden project as it would take up too much of our savings & we're going to need every penny while I'm on mat leave, instead I'm tidying up our interior walls with a lick of paint. I started this morning & so far it seems to be satisfying my nesting but I'm less than enthused by wearing a face mask. Talk about uncomfortable.
Physical: One of the neighbours boys told me my face looks chubby, which made me laugh a lot, he's got a point though I'm definitely "softer" all over.
Fashion: I tried to find some basics on my trip to the mall the other week but didn't find anything inspiring. I've fallen out of love with shopping for myself which happened last pregnancy too. My shopping brain is otherwise occupied I think. I've also fallen out of love with the high street. Maybe with my birthday coming up I'm becoming more of a snob?
Cravings: Avocado, melon, milk. Not together.
Sleep? I've been enjoying having naps in the afternoon over the bank holiday, they've been much needed & much appreciated.
Movement or Labour signs? The room for my bladder has reduced so I'm peeing on tap & baby is kicking/punching me there a lot which doesn't help matters. Movement feels different in other ways too. More of a Mexican wave than anything defined.
Looking forward to: Baby arriving, I'm very ready now.
How's Evelyn? So sweet, she's chatting so much which I love & she sits on her own reading her books out loud to herself or her dollies. She's grand.

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