Evelyn's 30 month update

Today is Evelyn's half birthday. She's 2 years 6 months exactly & she is still, without a doubt, one of my favourite people on the planet.

She is 93cms tall & 2 stone 4. Her eyes are predominantly green, but sometimes brown & sometimes blue. Her hair also changes daily (as most curls do) sometimes she has well defined ringlets, sometimes soft waves & sometimes full on fabulous frizz. The colour is still almost identical to mine & it's becoming thicker which is lovely.

We still haven't taken her to the hairdressers, which I know some of you may find odd, but my experience with curly hair is that length is important so until she starts getting split ends & needs a trim I'm happy to wait. I did, however, take her for her first dentist appointment yesterday. She was amazing & chatted about it all day. She got a train sticker too. Stickers are awesome.

In the last 6 months Evelyn has also had her first dance class, become a big sister, had her first trip to the zoo & many other exciting things. She goes swimming with her Granny every Friday & goes on adventures with her Mormor every Wednesday. I'd say, all in all, her life is rather full & she's almost always a happy bunny.

More recently we've been having issues with her pushing & occasionally hitting which is awful to watch & exhausting to attempt to change. I'm still trying to "fix" it & I can only hope I have success before she upsets too many of her friends. Unsurprisingly, it started at around the same time that Anna was born so I know that it is mostly attention driven & it has gotten better in the last few weeks as Anna starts to need less of my time.

Other than that her personality is blooming & it's so much fun watching her. George has always said that she's "good value" & I think that sums it up perfectly. No, things are not always easy & no, she is not always happy; but her kindness & delight for life more than makes up for those niggles.

She loves to: Dance, sing, draw, run, help out, do things her self, jump, wear dresses, watch movies, be tickled, chat, read stories, play with her soft toys, brush my hair, paint her face/nails, cuddle, & walk "in her feet" (without shoes).

She doesn't like: Wearing jumpers, wearing coats, when Alife (our cat) scares her, us doing something before she can (i.e. turning the light on), holding our hands near the road, when my attention is on Anna for too long (she says "Daddy, YOU cuddle Anna") & not being understood (don't we all!).

Although she doesn't change daily like she used to, she still learns something new every day & her vocabulary is coming along beautifully. She's practising some Swedish words too which is great & it was great fun to see her around my grandparents when they were visiting. She loves them very much.

I'm excited, as always, to see what the next 6 months will bring.

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