I love that I keep a record of everything because it's times like this that I am taken aback by how quickly time flies. I thought it would feel like an age between writing Evelyn's 1 Year Update & now but it feels like yesterday & although so much is different it's all happened seamlessly.

This period has held a lot of changes: I got a new job & took on that responsibility full time, which means that Evelyn goes to nursery 2 days a week, stays with George one day, my mum one day & my mother-in-law one day. I got pregnant & we are expecting baby number 2 in June. We got a new car & said good bye the old faithful truck. George now road rides more than he mountain bikes & he had his first race of the season yesterday. He came third so that was exciting for him. Life is never boring.

Age: 2 Years / 24 Months / 730 days
Weight/Height: Weight is somewhere around 2 stone. We don't actually have any scales at home so we don't keep much of an eye on her weight, George did weigh her a few weeks back & said she was 2 stone so we'll go with that. Her height is 89CM, she wears clothes is 18-24 months & 2 year depending on the shop. Her shoe size is a 7.
Sleep&food: If you've been keeping an eye on my pregnancy updates you will know that Evelyn's sleeping has regressed to nightly wakes & being full of life between 4 & 6 am. She generally still naps in the day for anywhere between 1 & 2 hours though which is good as when she doesn't she sleeps worse at night & is a banshee while she's awake. This pattern hasn't been the case all year however, it's a recent development. Before a month or so ago she was sleeping fantastically well, generally 7:30 until 7:30. I miss that but we're still hopeful things will pick up again. I can't put my finger on what might be triggering this but there have been a lot of things different lately: my pregnancy, going up to the 2-3 room at nursery & potty training may all be a factor. Food is also a bit of a strange one, she loves her carbs & loves her dairy but she's become less keen on fruit, veg & meat. It's hit or miss what she'll eat but she never goes hungry.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Peppa Pig, I would like to say that she's not quite that cliche but there is just something about the franchise that has bewitched her. She loves the show, the books, the clothes, the toys. She even pretend calls Peppa on the phone.
My favourite thing: This is a really tough one because there are so many & the time span since writing this is so long, but the one thing that really springs to mind is Evelyn's Snuggle me Sherpa pillow/toy/blanket combination that my Aunty Val bought her for Christmas. She loves it, it's great for taking out with us & I've bought one for baby number 2 already because I'm just smitten with it.
Milestones: It's difficult to say exactly what has happened when so I'm just going to list everything & please forgive me if she had already hit these milestones before her last birthday:
* Walking / running / jumping / galloping / skipping / climbing the stairs & walking down the stairs
* All of her milk teeth are through
* She's chatting away, can sign some words, loves singing & understands a vast amount of what we say to her. I couldn't tell you the number of words that she can vocalise because there's a new one every day but I think it's sufficient to say that she's a chatterbox. She has also started asking "why?"
* Uses all of her cutlery & can brush her own teeth.
* Can draw & holds her pen very well, she's also great at colouring in & sticking objects.
* She enjoys reading to herself & acting out games with her toys, she also loves anything that can be used as a baby.
* She knows when she needs to go to the loo & uses the potty (sporadically at the moment).
* Can build towers, kick/throw balls & understands puzzles (though she loses interest in them easily).
* Can dress & undress herself, some items better than others.
* Evelyn's hair has well established ringlets, the colour is mousy with but has warm tones in the sunlight, her eye colour has "settled" at blue/green/hazel. She's beautiful.
Best moment:  There have been so many this last year. My personal favourite has to be getting married though so that's obviously the one I'm going to pick, the whole celebration was amazing & it was such a blessing to have Evelyn there with our friends/family. Married life is great & it's brought us even closer as a family. I love sharing a surname with two of my favourite people in the world. Very blessed.
What we've learnt: Great sleepers won't always stay that way. Cuddles make everything better. Peppa IS queen. Interacting with other children is so important. Working full time with a child is hard but maybe, actually, a little bit easier than looking after that child full time.
Looking forward to: Going to the zoo (we're on our way now) & sharing the pictures with you all. Having another child & seeing the two of them together. Everything else that the next year may hold.

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