35/36 weeks pregnant

I'm not quite "full term" yet but this feels like the home stretch now because with my last pregnancy at this point I was less than 2 weeks from meeting my first little monkey.

I know that each pregnancy is different but I have been counting down to 38 weeks rather than 40 because of when Evelyn was born. That may be a bit silly as I'll possibly feel like things are really dragging come 38 weeks but it's also been good because I've prepared everything that much more in advance. If you're curious: My hunch is the 4th June (38 weeks, 5 days). I was way off with my guess for Evelyn though so we'll see.

I want to say a massive thank you to Emilie for taking my pregnancy bump photos last weekend. I love them all so much & am super excited to order some prints to put in baby 2's first photo album. I would recommend the experience to EVERY pregnant woman.

How far along? 36 weeks
Measurement at waist: 94cm (same as last update)
Measurement at largest point: 101cm (1cm larger (3cms smaller than last pregnancy)
Mood? I've been feeling pretty good in truth. Hugely uncomfortable but I find that easier to deal with than emotional issues.
Symptoms: Waddle. I know that I've had one for a long time, but now it's not just pain it's also baby placement. So double yay :D Oh, & baby brain.
Compulsions: I've been rather distracted in every day life by anything "baby". Socks, for instance, will set me in full daydream mode of tiny toes & will make me mentally tally up how many baby socks I've bought. Crazy Crazy.
Physical: I think I might have some teenie stretchmarks on my tummy button. My fingers are also a little swollen.
Fashion: I've packed my hospital bag. My clothing item choices are far from fashionable. I have nothing more to say on the subject. Other than, bring on the time when I can buy clothing that can't possibly be mistaken for a play tent.
Cravings: Ice cream. Evie also agrees with me on this one. So much so that she gets confused as to why she can't have it for breakfast. Shreddies just don't cut it for her any more.
Sleep? Nope. Next.
Movement or Labour signs? I've had a few braxtons...
Looking forward to: Seeing the girls tomorrow & family fun day on Sunday (if it's sunny).
How's Evelyn? She's cheeky. Got a great sense of humour. Is becoming more & more independant. Likes icecream. No complaints really. Wouldn't change her for the world.

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