Emilie Marsden Photography

I'm really excited to share a few of the gorgeous photographs that we had taken of our little family last summer. I'm sure that you'll love them as much as I do & if you've stumbled across this post with the intention of finding a photographer I hope that you'll be inspired to check out more of Emilie's work.

I think think one of the first things you should look for in a photographer is that shared opinion in what you find beautiful. They should have the skills to capture moments in a way that you wish you could & the same vision as you for how to capture your special moment.

I know that I'm going to look back at these photographs & the others that Emilie has taken for us with the fondest memories & (perhaps more importantly) absolutely no embarrassment. She's got such an amazing gift for capturing personality in her photographs, there's a fluidity & movement to what she shoots.

I can look at that photograph of Evelyn holding the bunting & almost feel the sun. It makes me imagine what she was looking at & captures her personality perfectly. I wish I could take Emilie around with me everywhere & I'm so excited to book her for a shoot when baby arrives.

You can find more of Emilie's work here:

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