Rosanna's 2 week update

Today is Georges first day back at work after his paternity leave & my parents are off to Turkey so it's just the girls & I for the first time. I'm a little nervous. This last week has been lovely & it's also had its challenges. Anna eats so much that it's hard for me to engage with Evelyn as much as I want to & Evelyn has small (tiny really) episodes of jealousy. I love seeing them together though so I hope that I can focus on the happiness & not stress too much. I'll let you know next week...

I'm hoping to find the time to write our thank you cards this week we're so grateful to the people who have taken the time to write us a card or send us a gift & I really want to be able to thank each of you properly. I know I'll get better at prioritising anything outside of the basics but I'm not quite there yet. Writing this, for instance, has been fit in to "movie time" which would potentially be the best time to cook/clean/shower. I'm learning, slowly.

Age: 2 weeks.
Weight: Anna was weighed again on Tuesday when she was 10 days old & she weighed 3.6kg so she is officially above her birth weight again which is amazing. She is a real guzzler.
Sizes: Although we're still dressing her in her newborn outfits I think we're going to have to make the change to 0-3 this week. She's comfortable being entirely stretched out & when she does that some of her baby grows are a little stretched. Most things are still in nearly perfect condition however so I'm considering setting up a page to sell items & donate some of the money to charity... What do you think?
Sleep&food: Most nights Anna wakes for two feeds, I think this is because she cluster feeds from 5PM ish to 10PM ish so she's good & milk drunk. Day feeds are a little less predictable - it works out around once every 2-3 hours. Similarly to how Evelyn used to be, Anna has a wakeful period in the afternoon which I love, she is very aware of everything around her & we all stare at her quite contentedly.
Rosanna's favourite thing: Sleeping on her tummy while laying on one of our chests. I think it's the heat & the sound of our heartbeat.
My favourite thing: I've started using our caboo sling & I had forgotten how convenient it is. We've been out a few times, once with the buggy & the other times with the sling & I much prefer the sling.
Milestones: On Sunday Anna rolled onto her side from her back. I've been totally overwhelmed by how strong she is & I would never have considered it would be possible for her to do this SO early on but there it is.. she does it fairly often now. It's cute. On Tuesday our midwife signed us over to the health visitors & on Wednesday Anna had her hearing test & there was no issues found which is great. Also on Tuesday we registered Anna & started the process of re-registering Evelyn. Frustratingly, because Evelyn was born before George & I were married & Anna was born after, we need to go through a process of re-registering Evelyn to ensure that they are both viewed as "children on marriage". I don't understand it so I won't try to explain but I can tell you that it's a bit annoying but worth it rather than having the worry that there wouldn't be equality between them should anything happen to George & I.
Best moment this week: On Sunday Emilie came over to take some photographs of Anna & I to follow on from the photos she took of me when pregnant. I love them so very much. I want to remember how things feel & I really wanted some photographs that I could look back on with a sense of nostalgia. These will do that. They're not "set up" they're honest & they're beautiful.
What we've learnt: When Anna is awake she is happiest sitting upright, Evelyn thinks her sick is "yucky" but her poo is funny & Naty nappies are by far my favourites.
Looking forward to: Feeling confident that I can look after the two girls on my own.

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