1 Year Wedding Anniversary

One year ago, on another equally rainy morning, I was getting ready to marry the only man for whom I would ever brave walking down the isle for.

We had planned for the isle to be outdoors but were lucky to have chosen a venue with an equally beautiful indoor area. I don't think of our wedding day as a rainy one because the sun shone when we said "I do" & we were all able to be outside for the photos. It was like someone turned off the tap for the moments that mattered. Soppy right? ;)

Anyway, a year on & I couldn't be happier. Our wedding day is one of the most special memories that I hold & I'm thankful every day that I've found the person that has given me the courage to love without holding back. 

I believe with my whole heart that everyone deserves the choice to celebrate & cement their relationship in the way that they choose & am hugely proud that in the last 12 months our society have taken steps towards 'allowing' marriage equality.

To all of you who are getting married today: I hope that your day is full of as much happiness as ours was & don't worry about the rain "it will make the flowers grow".

To my husband: I will love you my whole life.

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