Meet the family

My mum & I

I saw a really fun photographic piece about genetics (here) & I was curious to do a similar thing with my direct family.

The Nursery - Evelyns first room

With Evelyn's first birthday just around the corner I'm starting to think about moving her to the bigger room & making her current room into an office. The only thing that's stopping me is how much I love it: I think it's so precious so before I start rearranging I wanted to take a few snapshots of her room as it is now - mostly for myself but also to share with you all in case you were curious or looking for nursery ideas for small rooms.

Kingscote Barn - Wedding Venue

It's exactly a year since George asked me to marry him (can you believe how much snow we had last January?) & I figured that I pretty much had to do a wedding related post. So today I'm going to write about another potential wedding venue: Kingscote barn.

Evelyns 10 month update

I can't quite get my head around the fact that my daughter is 10 months old. In a few weeks I'm going to have to start planning her 1st birthday party: It's crazy exciting, but rather surreal.

365 strangers

Sometimes you're lucky enough to meet someone who's just that little bit quirky & who will say something that puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day. For me that day was last Friday & that person was a retired art-college teacher: Geoff Hawkins. He's a charmer.

Farm Life

On Tuesday we FINALLY managed to take some time to visit Georges grandad at the farm. It's the second time that Evelyn has been & only the fourth time that I've been able to visit. Which isn't anywhere near often enough but I hope that will all change this year.

Baby New Year Resolutions

Let's be honest now; babies don't need new years resolutions but if Evelyn did they would be a little like this:

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