Rosanna's 2 month update

This month has gone by quickly & it doesn't feel like a lot has changed but looking at Anna now & comparing her to last months photos I can really see how much she has filled out. She's thriving.

We've been to some nice events this past month & it's nice to have the confidence to do 'normal' things I'm still not doing anything too adventurous on my own with the girls but I have taken them to Slimbridge & survived so I'll be doing that again soon I'm sure.

It's very hard to compare Anna at this age with Evelyn because this was the age that we were in hospital with her whooping cough & things weren't really "normal" for us but in temperament they seem similar & I am proud of them both.

Age: 2 months
Weight/Length: Anna was weighed a week ago & weighed in at 13lb 10oz. I measured her the morning, from head to toe, & she is 63CM which is ahead of Evelyn at 3 months. I think it will slow down though...
Sizes: 0-3 months for most items & 3-6 months for trousers. Evelyn was similar at this stage.
Sleep&food: Anna's grunting through the night has stopped but she has had a cold for the past 10 days so that has been traded off for sniffles. Bless her. That being said she sleeps incredibly well. Some nights she sleeps through (10:30 - 6) & other nights she will wake once. She is still feeding regularly throughout the day but her night clusters are less intense so I can function as a normal person in the evenings now.
Rosanna's favourite thing: Kisses/cuddles with her sister. When I'm busy cooking or showering etc. I put Anna in her bouncer & is she starts grizzling Evelyn will go over to rock her & give her a kiss. 50% if the time Anna will stop crying. Pretty cute really.
My favourite thing: This is always the hardest thing to answer because there are so many things that I love. I'm never even sure that I've chosen the right thing, but in today's mindset I would have to say muslin's. Boring I know but trust me when I say that the days are harder without them.
Milestones: Smiling! She's one happy camper. She had her first set of jabs on Tuesday which is never nice but it happened so it's worth mentioning. Anna is holding her head up for longer periods when she's having tummy time & she's also kicking a lot in that position. She really enjoys standing (assisted of course) & she also pushes up to a crab when she's laying on her back.
Best moment this month: Seeing lots of baby smiles is always amazing. We got to meet baby Dede too which was so lovely. She's the first baby that I've seen since having Anna, as we didn't join a NCT group for this pregnancy, so it was really great to hear stories & know that Anna will have a friend to grow up with.
What we've learnt: Sibling jealousy is hard & having a few hours with each child alone is so important.
Looking forward to: Anna is getting christened next month, Sophie & Oscar are getting married(!) & my mormor & morfar will be visiting.
What I want to remember: How when I hold Anna to my chest she holds onto my top & how I would happily spend hours looking at her - just for fun. I still wish I could do this with Evie too.

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