39 / 40 weeks pregnant

I never thought I would see this far into a pregnancy which is kind of cool but I'm super uncomfortable & not exactly enjoying myself so sorry if this post comes across a little uppity - I'm a walking hormone.
I had my 38 week midwife checkup last Tuesday & baby girl is doing great. She was 3/5 palpable, heartbeat is great, the height of my uterus is 38cms & my blood pressure is good too so things are looking pretty much as they should be. I've not written a birth plan yet but I've been given the okay to choose a midwife lead unit if I want to. I probably wont, unless the labour is super quick, but it's good to have the option.

My mormor (mums mum) was over from Sweden last week, she was a midwife herself & it was the nicest thing for me to spend time with her while being pregnant. I had hoped that baby would have made her appearance while she was here but I know she'll come when she's ready.

How far along? 40 weeks
Measurement at waist: 93cm (2cm SMALLER)
Measurement at largest point: 108cm (5cm larger)
Mood? I'm a crying wreck.
Symptoms: Crying?
Compulsions: Cleaning. I stupidly hoovered the whole house. It looks nice though..
Physical: I'm bigger than I've ever been. My skin is in pretty good condition, my nails are lovely & my legs are covered in hormone spots...
Fashion: hahahaha.
Cravings: Salads. Or other summer foods. Ice cream?
Sleep? I've actually not got any sleeping complaints this week. I've gotten so used to my new sleeping pattern that I barely care that it's rubbish. I've also been able to nap most days so that's lovely.
Movement or Labour signs? Movement is different. I've scared myself a few times but kick counting has been able to calm me down more often than not.
Looking forward to: driving somewhere without the worry of going into labour.
How's Evelyn? Cheeky. She's experiencing a lot of toddler confusion which mean that a small portion of every day is taken up by tantrums but they're generally tolerable: Patience & hugs will see her through. Most days are "dry" now so we're saving a lot of money on nappies. I've been warned that she might go back a step or two when baby gets here so I'm prepared for that but I'm very proud of her regardless.

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