21 weeks pregnant

This week has been really nice. The most exciting event was having our 20 week scan on Tuesday. I booked that day off of work so that I could relax rather than rush & so it was, as always, a lovely experience. I want to say a huge thank you to our ultra sound technician for being so thorough & talking us through everything & for giving us the gift of knowing our baby's gender.

First off, sorry for the appallingly blurry front bump shot this week. I was in a rush this morning & it seemed better on first glance that it actually is. Thank goodness I always hide my face & there's no real need for clarity ey?

Secondly, I'm not going to be sharing our baby's gender with you all through this post but I am considering making the announcement in a future one. The intention is there but I'm not sure 100% on my feelings around how/when to share & who we want that to be with yet. Because we didn't find out Evelyns gender until after the birth I still find it quite overwhelming knowing this early this time around & I don't want to rush sharing that news.

How far along? 21 weeks.
Measurement at waist: 76cm (+2!)
Measurement at largest point: 87cm (+2) I must have had a big breakfast.
Mood? Same as always, happy mostly but angry at intervals. Good honest fury.
Symptoms: Aside from the anger & the itchy skin my symptoms have been minimal. I think now I've hit the half way point I'm "used to" my pregnancy. It's a nice stage.
Compulsions: Organising, again. I rearranged Evelyns room on a whim (it looks lovely) & I've been daydreaming about sorting through her clothes. Odd I know.
Physical: Still hairy, but no more than last week. My skin isn't great either- I've had a fair few painful blemishes on my face. Nails are still growing strong though. Though just after typing that I realised my thumb nail is split so that might be a terrible lie.
Fashion: Still enjoying leggings & am no longer enjoying tights. Baby doesn't seem to either as it kicks me right on the waist band when I wear them. Really rather uncomfortable.
Cravings: I had a want for stuffed sweet potato skins so cooked that the other night & it was just right. I'm not sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it equally as much before being pregnant so it probably doesn't count as a craving but it was really nice to enjoy every element of a meal as I haven't really been enjoying food that much lately.
Sleep? Evelyn is waking at 6 most mornings now so sleep is cut shorter than wanted. I'm not really that tired though considering so that's a bonus.
Movement or Labour signs? Baby doesn't seem like a very wriggly sort. Even on the scan the first thing it did was yawn up at the "camera". I had to take a wee break half way through the scan to encourage baby to move from it's preferred face down snoozing position, which worked - but it rolled back to exactly the same position not long after. I do feel movement often enough though. I know what's normal activity so I can monitor kicks against that. Zero labour signs.
Looking forward to: Evelyn & I are off to see my lovely cousin tomorrow which I'm looking forward to very much but I don't think there's much else planned for the week that's too exciting. Nice to keep things relaxed-ish.
How's Evelyn? Beautiful & funny & cute. She recognised the scan pic as a "baby"which was lovely & she is still practising for being a big sister, apparently even when at nursery. Potty training is sort of slowly becoming something that she is implementing but we're not in a hurry for it so I don't think I'll have a lot of progress reports on that any time soon. She still loves the word "bum" though. 

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