Water babies - Evelyn's first swim

Last Friday I took Evelyn for her first ever swimming lesson with Water Babies. A friend of mine had enrolled her daughter on one of their courses earlier in the year so I had been told how good the classes were but I hadn't wanted to commit to paying such a large course fee before finding out if Evie actually enjoyed swimming.

Everything & the Kitchen Sink.

I've absolutely loved the process of making our house a home, although we're no where near finished there are some bits that have our personal stamp on them & I want to share some of them. Partly because I'd love to be able to look back over the years & see what we've kept the same & partly so you can all have a cheeky nose around our home a snapshot at a time.

Our garden project - Starting the foundations

Last weeks project was starting the dig - this week we began filling in where we dug out: Yet again it all feels terribly backwards & George has remarked how much he wishes we were just "putting the damn shed on the flat part of the garden" but I love it & I know it will look awesome when it's all done.

Evelyn's 4 month update

It feels like a lot longer than a month since I last wrote one of these, I really look forward to them. As silly as it sounds I don't think I would keep such a strict record of her development if it wasn't for these updates & I know I'm going to be grateful in the years to come.

Our garden project - The big dig

Because the weather's been so gorgeous we've spent a lot of time outdoors & we decided it would be a good time to start the long process of landscaping our garden. We lived in a flat for a short while a few years ago & we really missed having somewhere to burn burgers & sip pimms so I've been super excited about having an outdoor space to personalise & prune.

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