Rosanna's 3 Week Update

It's a cliche, but I feel like these last three weeks have gone so quickly but I also feel like Anna has been with us forever.

My first week alone with the two girls has been hard. Last Saturday was horrid, I had a mini meltdown when George got home from work. Monday was a lot easier & more enjoyable, Wednesday was equally as nice until 4pm when I realised that the boob-ache (technical term) I had been experiencing was mastitis & I started having full-blown fever.

Unfortunately that was how things stayed until Friday afternoon. I am really lucky to have my in-laws so close by & so willing to help & I'm really grateful to them for looking after Evelyn on Thursday & Friday so that I could rest/recover.

Anna's hair is lightening but still has some warmth to it which is lovely. She has some milk spots which don't affect her at all but look sore. I remember Evelyn having them too so I know they won't last long.

Age: 3 weeks.
Weight/Length: We wont be having Anna weighed again until she is 6 weeks but I can tell that she's putting on weight which is great.
Sizes: I've packed away all of our 0-1 & newborn items now which made me a little bit teary but I'm not a sentimental person so I'm just going to keep Evelyn's first baby grow, Rosanna's first baby grow, bunny booties & Evelyn's knitted booties that my mum bought for her. Other than that the items that no longer fit Anna have either been thrown away or put aside for selling/passing on. For the next few months Anna will be wearing her 0-3 month or 2-4 month items. Which are all lovely.
Sleep&food: Because of having mastitis Anna's feeds & sleeping pattern has been a little disrupted but it seems to be settling back into a similar routine as the one I explained in last weeks update.
Rosanna's favourite thing: Cuddles with Evelyn. Sleeping.
My favourite thing: I love her first babygrow (pictured). I'll probably frame it like I did Evelyn's. I'll miss seeing her in it & it's still such a weird feeling knowing it's totally used up now.
Milestones: Other than her first trip to Ikea (yes, that's a milestone!) there hasn't been anything new to report this week.
Best moment this week: Although I felt horrid & I missed Evelyn I really enjoyed having some time just Anna & I on Thursday & Friday. I spent the majority of both days feeding, sleeping & cuddling & it was so nice to experience that. I had a lot of time like that with Evelyn so it was a bit nostalgic.
What we've learnt: Mastitis still sucks.
Looking forward to: My parents coming home.
What I want to remember: The complete trust that babies have at this age. It's such an overwhelming feeling knowing how entirely dependent they are on you.

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