Rosanna's 1 Week Update

On Saturday 20th June at 13:00 we welcomed our daughter Rosanna Erika (Anna) into the world & into our family. She weighed 3.5kg (7lb 13), has deep blue eyes & strawberry blonde hair. She also has a stork mark on her forehead that is the twin of the one I was born with. She's perfect.
Just like I did with Evelyn I'm going to document each week of Anna's life for the first 3 weeks & then each month up to her first birthday. This is, rather selfishly, mostly for me to look back on but I hope that those of you who read it find it interesting too.

Age: 1 week.
Weight: Anna was weighed on day 3 & her weight then was 3.4kg which meant that she had only lost 3% off her birth weight, which is amazing. No idea what she weighs today though, she'll be weighed again on Tuesday.
Sizes: Newborn sizes fit pretty well & some "up to 1 month" aren't t too baggy either. She's tennie. Her feet are very long though, they're too big for some of the booties Evie used to wear. Still cute though.
Sleep&food: Sleep is okay. I'm up 3 - 4 times a night which is perfectly tolerable. I generally change her nappy once or twice out of those times. In the day she sleeps 90% of the time that she's not eating & eating takes up maybe 4/5 hours of our day.
Rosanna's favourite thing: Milk.
My favourite thing: We've been blessed with several lovely gifts so I would find it really hard to pick one item to choose. My absolute favourite "thing" however is how incredible Evelyn has been & continues to be. I'm so very proud.
Milestones: Birth... That's a big one. Her umbilical chord fell off on Tuesday night & she had her first bath on Wednesday. She didn't love it.
Best moment this week: The day that we met Anna was beyond incredible & the day after, when we introduced Evelyn to her, was pretty special too.
What we've learnt: Everything that we learnt first time around has come back pretty quickly. New things that I've learnt are that meeting a new person who I love so fiercely has made me love others more not less & that every birth is different.
Looking forward to: Another week as a family. I'm going to miss George very much when he goes back to work.

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