Last Minute Halloween - Skull Bride

I'm usually really organised with my Halloween costume but this year I didn't want to spend any money so I got a bit trigger-happy with my makeup instead. I decided to take these pictures at the end of the night to see how well my face would last so there's a little bit of smudging here & there but it's all pretty similar to how I started the night. Minus the sweat. Sorry about that.

Two Front Teeth - NCT Shoot

A few weeks ago I got the NCT mums from our group together to talk about having a professional photo taken of all of us as a memory. I had personally taken a few snap shots here & there (like this one) but I hadn't managed to get one of all of us so I thought the nicest way would be to go to a studio. I was booked in to get Evelyn's portrait done at Two Front Teeth so I thought, if I was impressed, I would ask John the photographer to take our NCT photo. Obviously I was impressed & so I managed to find a time that we were all free for John to squeeze in a group shoot.

The White Room - Minchinhampton

Last week I started the search for my wedding dress. It may sound a bit silly starting the search before we've picked a venue but doing it this way around was perfect for me because I wanted that 'kick' to help me feel like the wedding was real & nothing will do that quite as well as seeing yourself all in white. We spent the morning at The White Room in Minchinhampton & I couldn't have asked for a more incredible experience to start off my search.

Evelyn's 7 month update

This month has been lovely & this week George has taken time off of work to finish building the shed so it's been really nice spending more time with him. I didn't have time to get Evelyn weighed this morning (I will try to remember for next Wednesday) because I was busy trying on wedding dresses, which was amazing. Today is also my cousin Alexia's 24th birthday & little Matilda's 3rd birthday so I want to say happy birthday to both of them, all in all today's been a good one. I hope you've all had a lovely day too & I hope you're enjoying Autumn as much as I am.

Our garden project - Super base

I cannot believe it was a month since we cleared all the soil ready to lay the shed base - thank goodness we're not doing a bigger project. The main reason that we didn't do anything sooner is that Jo & Andy popped off on holiday & we didn't have the confidence to do anything without them so we had to wait until the 1st October to get all cementy.

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