Rosanna's 5 Month Update


This age is where things start going from cute to cute & fun: Anna is super alert, trying to communicate & is developing a fab sense of humour. She has an adorable greeting for people that she loves which consists of her grinning & gurgling while thrashing her arms & legs. I remember Evelyn doing something similar it always reminded me of a puppy but without as much hair.

Age: 5 months
Weight/Length: 67CM's long - I'm not going to bother weighing Anna from now on because I'm not actually that interested in her weight. As long as she looks healthy I'm overly fussed. Maybe for her 1 year update...
Sleep&food: Anna sleeps through without a feed every night now. Her last feed is somewhere between 8 & 10pm then she's out like a light until Evelyn wakes her up in the morning. Naps in the day are sporadic but she will almost always sleep at the same time as Evelyn so I tend to get a lot done in that hour. Anna also joins us for every meal - has porridge for breakfast, a carrot stick to chew (gum) on at lunch & something spoon fed at dinner. She's a foodie & Evelyn loves helping.
Rosanna's favourite thing: Evelyn. Without a doubt. They has an incredibly beautiful bond. Evelyn is so entertaining at the moment so sometimes Anna & I just watch her entertain us. She's started telling jokes & loves reciting stories that we read together & acting out peppa pig scenes. Such good value.
My favourite thing: "couple time" whether that be George & I, Anna & I, or Evelyn & I: Any & all are very important & I don't take them for granted.
Milestones: Anna can now sit unassisted for short periods of time & is more than happy sitting in her highchair. She blows bubbles, gurgles & is playing with making sounds. Last week she sat for a period of time saying "babababa" but she hasn't done it again since.
Best moment this month: There's a "best moment" every day & we laugh every single day (don't get me wrong - we shout & cry too but it's the laughing that I will remember).
What we've learnt: That even with evil people in this world there are others who are loving & kind. I learnt that spreading positivity, although it doesn't always feel "enough", IS a powerful tool & loving someone is a powerful gift.
Looking forward to: More of the same.
What I want to remember: Reciprocated cuddles, when you know that they mean "I love you".

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