37 / 38 Weeks Pregnant

Today is the first time that I've ever been 38 weeks pregnant. Evie came into the world before I got that far in my last pregnancy so it's kind of nice to have this unique experience with baby 2, even if it's all just a technicality.

It was also my last day of work which was a bit weird & didn't feel "final". I'm worried I'll feel less useful, nervous about not having the income & sure I'll miss certain elements. BUT I'm pleased I won't be commuting while pregnant again, glad not to have the constant worry that my waters will break at my desk & really very excited/grateful to have the next 12 months with my children.

How far along? 38 weeks
Measurement at waist: 95cm (1cm larger) Baby has dropped so my rib measurement is a lot smaller this week. I haven't been keeping track of what that is but I know that it's smaller because my bras are causing me less grief.
Measurement at largest point: 103cm (2cm larger)
Mood? I've felt good. Not angry or stressed like I have felt in the past.
Symptoms: Lots of braxtons. Baby dropped while we were in York over the weekend & I had to sit down because the braxtons were so hard that I thought I might have gone into labour. They passed quickly though & although I've been having a lot since I've not been in that much pain so that's great.
Compulsions: I've not had anything overly interesting in truth. I just feel very "ready".
Physical: I've started getting hormone spots on my face.
Fashion: My maternity jeans are starting to get too tight which is a bit crazy in truth. I wont be buying any more though so it'll be leggings from here on out.
Cravings: I've lost my appetite in truth. The amount I'm eating is minimal.
Sleep? I'm only getting up twice in the night for wee stops & actually sleeping around that hasn't been too bad. I don't ever feel rested though
Movement or Labour signs? I've been on constant labour watch since the drop. Only because Evelyn dropped a few days before my waters broke & that's all I know to go by.
Looking forward to: Baby arriving. Seeing the girls tonight, seeing friends over the weekend & seeing my mormor next week. Oh & not having to squeeze into my "big" work clothes ever again.
How's Evelyn? Beautiful. She had her last day at nursery yesterday. I tried to explain what that meant but I don't think she really understands the concept so we will see how things are next week. I'm sure she'll be confused for a little while.

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