Toddler New Years Resolutions

Last year Evelyn helped me to compile a list of "Baby New Year Resolutions" so I thought it would be fun to revisit & revise the list for her toddler self.

 2014 edition:
  1. Grow some more teeth
  2. Walk indoors
  3. Walk outdoors
  4. Have a first birthday party
  5. Have mamma brush my hair daily
  6. Stop tormenting the cat (UMMM)
  7. Wean myself
  8. Keep growing
  9. Keep laughing
  10. Keep making others laugh
  11. Learn how to say 'I love you' (ROLLED OVER)
  12. Stop eating paper
  13. Dress up as a princess
  14. Cuddle someone every day
  15. Stop trying to throw away my socks (STILL HAPPENING BUT WILLING TO BELIEVE IT IS THE FAIRIES)
  16. And my hats
  17. Meet more baby friends
2015 edition:

  1. Keep learning new words - including I Love You
  2. Have a second birthday party
  3. Go to a birthday party
  4. Sing Peppa Pig theme "correctly" 
  5. Ride a bicycle
  6. Use the potty more frequently
  7. Plant some flowers in the garden
  8. Master the puzzle games
  9. Ask for cuddles less when out walking with mamma & Duke
  10. Become an older sister
I hope that you all had an amazing 2014 & I wish you huge love & luck for 2105.
Happy New Year.


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