Rosanna's 4 Month Update

I had this all ready to write yesterday but things weren't quite as straight forward as I had hoped. I woke at 2am & spent the morning studying until I finally felt like I could sleep again at 7. Got half an hour & then went to look at a potential nursery for the girls to go to for when I am back at work. I then realised I felt pretty rubbish & it turns out I have mastitis so I didn't really feel like going back on the computer after that. George was really helpful & let me try to sleep & I spent the next 12 hours going from being freezing & wrapped in blankets in the bed to sweating & hugging the bathroom floor. Oh the glamour.

On a happy note I absolutely love these pictures of Anna. I bought her & evelyn some Halloween dressing up bits & these are her wings & wand. She is beyond adorable & I wish I could stare at her all the time. Thank goodness for cameras.

Age: 4 months 1 day
Weight/Length: I just realised that I never went back to update last month but this month she is almost exactly the same as what Evelyn was at 4 months. She is 15lbs & 65CMs :)
Sizes: Anna's growth spurts seemed to have finally slowed down & I don't think she looks too drastically different from last month. She's in the same clothes which makes things easier. Her feet are bigger though & she fits really nicely into a size 2.5 so there are a few shoes that Evelyn had that we're not going to get use out of, but that's okay.
Sleep&food: Sleep has been a bit funny lately but mostly because I've been suffering with insomnia. I can wake anywhere between 2am & 4:30 & because of that I'm pretty keen on sleeping come 9PM. This means that Anna's nightly cluster feed has been cut short & she is now having her last feed at 8:30 which means she wakes earlier. I think that the insomnia has possibly contributed to my mastitis. But never mind. Anna is still exclusively breastfed but she sits in her highchair when we eat which is lovely & she plays with a toy, bringing it to her mouth so she's getting plenty of practise. It's quite lovely really.
Rosanna's favourite thing: She loves anything that she can grab on to. Her most used is a travel toy & a fabric sensory book.
My favourite thing: Sleep? Oh, wait...
Milestones: Rolling front to back (she can roll both ways now) & she's a lot more stable when seated. She still can't sit unassisted but I don't think it will be long.
Best moment this month: For me personally it's been great having new challenges. Anna is the sweetest kindest child & it's given me the confidence to do more with my personal life so I've started a course & am really enjoying everything that I'm learning. I'm very blessed.
What we've learnt: Baby smiles can get you through anything.
Looking forward to: I'm really enjoying the routine that we've settled into now so I'm looking forward to adding new things & giving Anna new experiences. Weather permitting, we are going to visit Westonbirt Arboretum on Sunday. Baby's absolutely love looking up at the trees & Evie will really enjoy running around & collecting the acorns/leaves/pine cones. Fingers crossed.
What I want to remember: That I am a good mum. Even though I don't always feel like it!

P.S. Happy back to the future day!!!!

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