Evelyns First Ballet Class

Evie started playing around with "dance moves" just after she learnt to walk. I still have no idea if every child is like that but it surprised me as she had never seen a dance & I sort of assumed that she wouldn't know what to do. That's silly, I know, but none the less I decided then & there that if she still showed an interest in a year that I would find a dance class for her.

So, this morning I dressed Evelyn in some leggings & a cami, popped her hair in a bun & drove the short distance to our local playhouse, ready for her first ballet lesson.

The class itself was hugely informal & in truth a little poorly lead but I could see potential & sheer joy in Evelyns face when she was spinning around to the music, even if it was when she was supposed to only be jumping.

I haven't yet enrolled her permanently & I'm going to reserve my judgement on whether it is the right school until after she's had a few lessons but there's no doubt in my mind that, for as long as she enjoys it, I will be taking Evelyn to ballet. Only time will tell if it's a lasting love but it's fun to watch that journey either way.

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