23 weeks pregnant

After having had last Friday off of work to look after a poorly Evelyn I now have the next two month of Fridays off to look after, what I hope will be, a healthy happy Evelyn. Which is much more fun. We're going to look at a car in an hour or so as the truck can't fit two car seats in the back & we could do with having a boot. It's been quite hard considering swapping it because we like it so much & that's made us quite fussy about what we could consider a suitable replacement. But this one seems good & as long as it doesn't honk of stale smoke like the last one we went to view then I would say its a definite maybe.

In terms of pregnancy this last week i havent a huge amount to report. Things are ticking along nicely & I'm big enough to look pregnant now so I'm feeling a lot more comfortable about the way that I look.

How far along? 23 weeks.
Measurement at waist: 80 cm (+1)
Measurement at largest point: 90 cm
Mood? I'd like to say that I've been the most amazingly chipper individual this week, but unfortunately I've been a cow again. Not exclusively of course but enough to make George annoyed at me. Maybe next week hey?
Symptoms: Ligament aches. I don't remember having these with the last pregnancy but this time every now & then I feel like I must have somehow fallen asleep doing the splits. Itchy skin is still a thing too. Also clumsiness but I try to pass that off as charming.
Compulsions: Nothing new to report here. I should explain that by compulsions I'm not refering to pregnancy OCD which I'm lucky enough to have spared.
Physical: Dry skin & dry throat. I feel like I'm constantly chugging water but it's not really helping, the face scrub I did last night has helped a little but I think I'm giving to have to invest in a litre travel bottle so that I can travel with water everywhere.
Fashion: I bought myself some new work shoes. Not exactly a maternity essential but the pregnancy was at the forefront of my mind so they're good & sturdy. I'm also in the process of knitting baby a hat. It's going slowly.
Cravings: I had my Ben & Jerrys! Saturday night I believe. There was nothing left, George was eating from the lid & I was eating from the tub. I've never managed that before. Quite sad really. I also craved Cola on Tuesday. I'm generally not a fan.
Sleep? I've hit the begining of uncorfortable sleeping. I can't physically lay on my tummy or comfortably lay on my back so I find myself alternating between the left & right. Which is great as its safest for baby, but not great because I don't find it comfortable for long periods of time. Never mind though.
Movement or Labour signs? I notice baby move on the left side of my body more than the right & mostly very low. Which may account for the achy ligaments in that area. I haven't seen any distinguishable movements through my clothes yet but kicks are getting stronger so I don't think it will be long now.
Looking forward to: Seeing friends, really starting plans for Evelyns birthday & having a shower in peace.
How's Evelyn? Evie is a lot better now & is back to her normal-self. Apitite included. She had her first day back at nursery yesterday which she loved & although she woke briefly at midnight last night she went straight back to sleep & came back at 6, so can't really complain.

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