20 weeks pregnant


This week has been all about wearing my tummy proudly. I've favoured more figure hugging tops over the baggier variety & although I am aware that I could still be mistaken for someone who's eaten too much for lunch I feel quite happy in myself.

I've also been told that my lovely friend is pregnant, I wont name her in case she still has people to tell, but I'm very excited for her & although our babies will be two months apart it's nice to know that they'll be in the same school year & I sure we'll still spend some maternity time together.

How far along? 20 weeks.
Measurement at waist: 74cm (-1.5)
Measurement at largest point: 85cm (+1) Back to measuring at the beginning of the day & these measurements are exactly the same as I was at 18 weeks so I guess that counts as no change :)
Mood? The latter part of this week has been littered with rage (again). It's times like these that I feel so lucky to have an understanding husband & an amazingly cheery daughter. What makes it more frustrating is when I allow myself to feel guilty about my mood & therefore it lasts longer. I still believe I'm quite a happy soul as a general rule though.
Symptoms: I'm rather parched lately (not helped by the appearance of, yet another bunch of bugs) I'm gulping away at the water A LOT. My itchy skin is still happening too.
Compulsions: Talking to my tummy. I've reigned in the urge to do so while sitting at my desk but I still find myself chatting away on my loo breaks.
Physical: I seem to have sprouted an above normal amount of body hair. Not that I'm a Greek statue normally, but I do seem to be veering towards the yeti.
Fashion: Still no new purchases, but I have been living in the Boden maternity leggings that I'm borrowing. They're thick enough for me to feel smart enough in them at work so I can imagine they'll be my go-to for quite a while.
Cravings: Nope. More dislikes though. I'm off quavers (no bad thing) & not as keen on bananas as I normally am.
Sleep? I've had a lot of vivid dreams. I think it's because I'm being woken intermittently by: George coming to bed or little lady waking us in the morning. I am quite tired but no more than I think I would be with the sleep that I've been having if I wasn't pregnant.
Movement or Labour signs? I've not been noticing movement a lot, I think it's because I'm so busy. I do notice movement in the evenings when I'm getting ready to sleep though so I know that things are okay.
Looking forward to: We have our next scan on Tuesday. George probably wont be able to come in with me as it's his day to look after Evelyn & children can't come in, but I'm excited & I'll buy prints again. I've booked the day off of work so after that we're going to start having a look at some potential family cars & we have a few test drives booked in.
How's Evelyn? She's grand. Had a few days of her waking at 5:45AM on the dot which was exhausting, but she's been in an absolutely gorgeous mood irregardless. On Sunday morning she spent an hour practising changing her teddy's nappy. She's so lovely. She also says baby when pointing to her tummy & boobies (which is hilarious). I love her very much.

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