25 weeks pregnant

We bought a new car on the weekend & said goodbye to the truck (click on the link if you or anyone you know is on the look out - it's being sold for a bargain). I miss it very much. I know George misses it more & that's made more prominent because I'm very happy with our new vehicle & he's in the process of learning to like it. It's practical & I know he'll notice how much easier our life will be because of that. The only thing left to do is install bike storage. After that I think George will be happier...

Today Evelyn & I are going to go shopping to buy some clothes for her birthday. I'm thinking I'll keep my eyes peeled for babies first outfit too. Evelyn's my first priority though so that will only happen if she's happy to stay in the shops for that long. Fingers crossed.

My measurements are really odd this week. I've noticed that baby is sitting really far back in my abdomen & quite low but didn't think it would affect things this much.

How far along? 25 weeks.
Measurement at waist: 79cm (-5!)
Measurement at largest point: 87cm (-5!)
Mood? I'm okay. I don't want to seem glum but it's pretty accurate. I don't feel great but I'm not sad. I still laugh on a daily basis but I also feel like I'm being weighed down by a feeling of anger. I think maybe it's nerves. It's strange because I wasn't nervous with Evelyn but I think because everything else in my life is nicely in place at the moment I'm anxious about changing that.
Symptoms: Snot. Bit of an odd one perhaps but true none the less.
Compulsions: Lists, lists & more lists.
Physical: Under surface spots. I had these last pregnancy too, though more so at the end of the third trimester. It's all good fun. My arms are also getting bigger but i suppose that's from the over eating. I'm not concerned though.
Fashion: This question will be more interesting next week. If the shopping trip goes well.
Cravings: George bought me some of the ice cream he devoured last week & I pigged out on that a few nights this week. Nom Nom.
Sleep? Sleep has been good this week, though Evelyn has started waking once in the night before her 6am alarm call. George has been good enough to put her back to bed every time this happens so he gets the worst of it but it's still a little annoying being woken. Just practise I suppose.
Movement or Labour signs? So much movement, it's lovely. I'm really starting to concentrate on babies kicks & trying to commit the feeling to memory. I don't think we'll have another child after this one so I'm trying to make a mental scrap book of the pregnancy.
Looking forward to: I know I'll feel happy soon. I'm going to go out on a limb & say that when we have our first proper sunshine day my mood will break & I'll feel blissful there after. Positive thinking. Game on English weather.
How's Evelyn? Beautiful, kind & currently sat on our bed watching Peppa Pig.

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