Rosanna's 1 Month Update

One month old! I'm writing this with Rosanna fast asleep on my lap & Evelyn fast asleep on the floor as she decided her bedroom was too far away from us but didn't want to be on this bed. Love her.

Some things about Anna are the same as they were when we first met her: Her hair colour still has a red tone, her birth mark is still showing, she still loves milk & she can still charm me without the slightest effort. But there are so many changes too, not least how much more alert she is. I would say that Anna is awake for anywhere between an hour to two hours a day now which is so lovely. She loves looking around her during these times & it makes me so proud to see how alert she is.

Our updates will be monthly from here on out, as they were with Evelyn, but I am hoping to write other posts in-between if I can find the time.

Age: 1 month.
Weight/Length: Anna is growing nicely. I've no idea of her weight but I did measure her for the first time & she is 57 cm from head to toe. When Evelyn was 3 weeks she measured 48cm & the next time I measured her was at 3 months & she was 60cm's which seems crazy but explains why I feel like everything is so different.
Sizes: 0-3 months for everything. I gave away our Newborn items to my neighbour as their baby girl was born last week. I kept Rosanna's first babygrow though.
Sleep&food: Anna grunts in her sleep. But only at night. In the day when she sleeps she's as peaceful as can be. I have no idea why she does it but it disrupts my sleep quite a lot & although I'm chipper enough I do have dark circles under my eyes & no energy for makeup. Most nights she only wakes twice for a feed though, which is nice, & in the day she's still eating every 2-3 hours.
Rosanna's favourite thing: She loves being on her tummy. Her neck is strong enough for her to happily lift her head & she enjoys kicking her little legs. She has tummy time around 3 times a day.
My favourite thing: I really love her Polarn o Pyret vest that my mormor (mum's mum) bought for Anna. It's the one she's wearing in the photo. Aside from the cute factor I love how practical it is. Because it's wrap around it's easier to dress her in & the sleeves have fold up cuffs that can be worn at any length without looking cheap.
Milestones: Anna is gurgling, which is so beautiful. I love the noise & I love thinking that she's trying to chat away. She's also showing more emotion in her facial expressions; while she hasn't done a full smile yet she often does cheeky looks (like the photo) where you can tell that she's happy. It makes my heart melt. Oh & her fists are unclenched now & her legs are outstretched.
Best moment this week: I stayed with my aunt & uncle on Tuesday night which was really nice. The girls & I were all a bit tired but I really enjoyed the company. I wish the distance wasn't quite as great a I'd like to be able to see that side of the family more often but I'll take what I can get. I also went to a really great Persian restaurant with my parents & brother last night & met some lovely people. The food was perfection too & I'd highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in Bristol (it's called Shiraz).
What we've learnt: To take every chance at a nap, no matter how brief.
Looking forward to: Spending tomorrow as a family, planning Anna's Christening & exercising.
What I want to remember: The gorgeous sigh that babies make when they're happy. It mostly happens mid feed & it's like an unspoken thank you.

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