18 weeks pregnant

It feels like yesterday that I was documenting my pregnancy with Evelyn but we're actually 2 years down the line! How crazy is that? It doesn't feel the same as last time though. But then, the circumstance is entirely different: When I was pregnant with Evelyn I was self employed, waiting for our house to be built so living with my lovely parents, I spent a lot of time sleeping or vomiting & by this point I would have already had a trip to hospital courtesy of hyperemesis.

This time around I have a toddler to care for, a Mon-Fri 9-5 job, a house to co-run & have had every sickness going around, but no hyperemisis (woohoo).

Aside from that there have been physical differences too. I've "ballooned" more quickly, I get bloated (which has never happened before), I lost my waist before I knew I was pregnant, I've been angry, spotty & have an outie already!

Some things have been the same however: The fatigue that I experienced in the first few weeks was horrendous, as it was for the first pregnancy, the only difference this time around is that I had very little time or opportunity to nap. I also have great nails & very little hair moulting.

I'm going to be documenting each week again but I've revamped the questions a little. If there are any that you would like me to add please let me know & if you are pregnant while reading this CONGRATULATIONS! Here we go... again :

How far along? 18 weeks, 4 days.
Measurement at waist: 74cm
Measurement at largest point: 85cm today that is just below my tummy button - I'm carrying low.
Mood? I've been pretty normal this week but as I mentioned above the first trimester was dotted with rage.
Symptoms: Itchy skin - mostly everywhere, light-headedness, low bloody pressure, spotty skin, dry eyes, fast growing nails.
Compulsions: Nesting, list writing - generally feeling more organised.
Physical: No stretchmarks yet, but my torso has widened substantially & I am carrying fat on my love handles which is an anomaly for me. I'm sporting an outie tummy button & am more comfortable walking in a waddle. Fancy me yet?
Fashion: I've not bought anything for baby yet & haven't bought anything for myself either. I've taken the clothing items out of storage from my last pregnancy & my friend Jess was kind enough to lend me some of hers too which I am so grateful for. 
Cravings: None really, though I am drinking a lot of milk & more water than normal. I have gone off of a lot of food however : apples, raisins & some meats & I'm really not enjoying my decaff earl grey any more so I'm going to need to find an alternative...
Sleep? I've had less than I want but not for lack of trying. For the first trimester I was rarely awake past 8:30PM. Now isn't too different, only, I think it's more to do with the horde of bugs I'm juggling.
Movement or Labour signs? I've felt a few "flutters" but no kicks. It is getting more frequent but I was expecting to feel more by this point in the second pregnancy. I'm not worried though we've had one scan already & I've heard the heartbeat once too. Everything's just fine :)
Looking forward to: Having my pregnancy out in the open. It's been very difficult for me to hide this time around & there are so many "practical" elements that I want to get sorted so I'm waiting for that weight to lift from my shoulders so that I can finally start enjoying things.
How's Evelyn? She's great. Learning new words every day & honing her mummy skills with anything that looks like a baby. I don't believe that she understands that I'm pregnant but she says hello to my tummy & we tell her that she will be a big sister this year. She'll be great.


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