Flying with a baby.

So we're here in Sweden & I can happily say that flying with my 10 week old daughter was as easy & stress free as driving the half hour journey with her to the mall. Babies enjoy travelling; there seems to be a comfort in the movement & white noise that I would imagine reminds them of their time in the womb. Most parents that I've spoken to will tell you that a car journey works wonders on their crying child & our experience was that the plane was no different.

Nostalgia - Flashback to the 90's

"yummy toes"

We're moving house on Friday which is tres tres exciting, but with moving comes packing which, let us be honest now, is really rather dull. I do try to see the positives in situations though & one of the things I actually rather enjoy about packing is finding items you hadn't looked at for a long time & I've got to admit I have wasted a good few hours this past week staring at photos. So I thought I would steal Zoe's (Zoella) idea & share some of my baby photos with you.

Evelyn's 2 month update

Evie has been experiencing several blue spells in the last few days. We were admitted to hospital on Tuesday afternoon after her first two spells. Blue spells are a result of apnoea - where she stops breathing. The doctors have explained that she is fighting to cough up mucus when she needs to take an in-breath: Her skin goes grey & her lips go blue. Generally she will take a deep breath after a few seconds but there have been a few spells that have lasted a lot longer.

Bank Holiday #1

I'm sure everyone gets a bit excited about bank holiday weekends. Even now when I'm not working I look forward to them, it's kind of replaced the "summer holiday" excitement I used to get when at school. Chuck in a bit of sunshine & I get so excited I nearly pee my pants.

Baby & Me Yoga.

Yesterday Evie & I took a stroll down to Stroud Yoga Space for our first ever baby & me yoga session. Before you try to picture a 6 week old baby in the warrior pose I should clarify that the babies do not partake in the actual yoga, sometimes they act as a weight but mostly they lay on your mat while you 'yoga' around them. (Gutting I know.)

Making an album - photobox prints

I have a 'to do' list on my phone that I wrote just after new years, it's sort of like a resolutions lists but I add & take away from it when I fancy. One of the first things I wrote was: To start a baby photo album. I bought a pink linen traditional photo album (RRP £25) & some photo mounts (RRP £2.25) from Paperchase & I've been taking photos almost every day since Evelyn was born.

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