Evelyn & Freddie's Treefest Date

It has become a yearly tradition for us to visit treefest so despite the poor weather forecast we decided to suit up & have a mosey around the stalls. This was Evelyn's 3rd time going (Evie's first visit) & it was a special one because not only did we have Rosanna (who snoozed the entire time) but we also brought along her partner-in-crime Freddie.

I didn't ask for them to pose for any photos, I just snapped away while they were on their date & I thought, that as they looked so cute, I would share some of my favourites. Here's their date story, slightly modified of course ;)

Rosanna's 2 month update

This month has gone by quickly & it doesn't feel like a lot has changed but looking at Anna now & comparing her to last months photos I can really see how much she has filled out. She's thriving.

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

One year ago, on another equally rainy morning, I was getting ready to marry the only man for whom I would ever brave walking down the isle for.

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