Rosanna's 10 month update

I feel a bit emotional about this update, in part because it seems as though the year milestone is looming & in part because I didn't realise Anna was 10 months until yesterday & for some weird reason that made me feel like a "bad parent". I don't know why & I don't think it's a good way to feel but it happens sometimes nonetheless, so there we go.

Rosanna's 9 month update

I'm a bit late posting this as the last few days have been crazy busy but...little lady is 9 months old & currently fast asleep on my lap - sucking her thumb - both possibly a result of teething as Rosanna's two bottom teeth finally pushed trough(!!!) & as far as I'm aware that it cause for a good nap. Most days she tends to have a doze either in the morning or the afternoon but I've not set her a routine so I don't really know or depend on them; however, night-time is generally 7pm to 7am depending on what I've got to do in the morning or the evening.

Evelyn's 3 Year Update

Evelyn is 3!!! There's now very little trace left of a toddler; she is, without a doubt, a young child &  she is a truly lovely one. She's cheeky & funny, confident & a bit of an adrenaline junkie, caring & pretty. Her personality is a great mix of girly & boisterous, which I adore, & although she sometimes struggles to communicate what she wants (which results in rudeness or frustration) she more than makes up for it with her kindness.

Rosanna's 8 month update

Anna was lucky enough to be a flower girl at Jade & Dan's wedding on Thursday but I was so busy that morning that I wasn't able to get a photo of her. I'll come back to add one here after they receive the professional photos. It was a beautiful day & all of us feel so lucky to have been part of it, I couldn't be happier for them.

Rosanna's 7 month update

Anna is currently having a nap & I wanted to take the opportunity to quickly write this in peace so I've decided to ignore my normal format; type quickly, spell check & hope that my rambling results in something perspicuous.

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