Evelyn's 2 week update

I can't believe how much Evie has changed in the past few days, it's absolutely incredible: She's become a lot more alert & is more vocal - we call her little gurgles "singing." Today is her official due date, which is so strange because sometimes I forget that she was this developed when I was pregnant with her. She's asleep on my chest at the moment & she seems such a content baby. I've got mastitis, which is no fun at all, but I've had a lot of help  & support from my parents & George so I want to say a massive thank you to them. 

Evelyn's 1 week update

After a very busy day I am surprised to have a few seconds spare to write this. Evelyn is one week old today & this week has been incredible. I know there are things that I have missed while answering these questions, but if I wrote everything down this post would become a novel & I certainly don't have the energy for that. 

Our baby girl

Our sweet girl decided to make an appearance 2 weeks early, which suits me to the ground. She was born on the 16th March at 10:33 & the spooky thing is that George had guessed the 16th from the start. He was betting on a boy though so he's obviously not REALLY psychic.

Pregnancy "bump" photo shoot

Believe it or not; I am terribly camera shy. I always feel more comfortable pulling an intentionally ugly face for photos than attempting a pretty one & failing miserably. But I really didn't want to pass up the opportunity to partake in a "bump" photo shoot, so for an hour on Monday I stripped down to the bare essentials & somehow ignored the desire to pull a duck face.

37 weeks pregnant

Happy mother's day to all you lovely mums out there: I hope everyone's having a nice & relaxing day. To my mamma: I know you're downstairs & I told you already but I love you very much.

36 weeks pregnant

If everything goes to plan I should be having a baby this month. I've got to say that I find that quite surreal. I can't really remember what has happened this week - my baby brain is in full force & my mind is mostly focussed on the future. Sorry in advance if I've forgotten to mention anything important. Hope you've all had a good week.

House update - March

Hi everyone! I wanted to take a break from the spring/summer makeup trends & just chat a bit. I've been meaning to do a house update for quite some time, but because it's all been a bit stressful I haven't wanted to write anything that would come across as grumpy. Thankfully, despite a few set backs, we're finally on the "home stretch" & I can now safely type without the inevitability of tears.

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