28 weeks pregnant

It was Evelyn's birthday on Monday so we took her to the zoo & we all had such a nice time. I'll write in detail about the trip soon so won't give too much away now but I'd definitely like to go back soon.

How far along? 28 weeks
Measurement at waist: 82cm (+1)
Measurement at largest point: 92cm (+1)
Mood? I'm happy. The sun was shining & I've had the windows open today. Yay.
Compulsions: Nesting. Is that getting boring for anyone else? I rearranged Evelyn's room again today, finished the nursery & deep cleaned our bedroom.
Physical: My spots are another level of poop. It's like I've got goose bumps on my cheeks all the time. I've also cut my hair again so that's nice but I think I may take more off. We shall see.
Fashion: I've not bought anything but I need to. I went through my wardrobe today & packed away the items I want to keep for after baby comes & there's not much there. The charity shop pile is a lot bigger but I needed that clear out because I'm fed up of wearing things I don't feel good in. I'd rather have minimal outfit choices that all look nice than lots of okay bits that aren't me.
Cravings: my apatite is weigning a bit, which is weird. I still eat a lot during the day but I rarely want/have room for dinner.
Sleep? No better & I've hit new heights of uncomfort too (round ligament pains) which is not helping matters. Never mind.
Movement or Labour signs? Movement is consistent & lovely. Baby does sit it less than practical places though so I have felt winded a few times.
Looking forward to: we're having some cake for Evie on Sunday. Nothing fancy & only small but I'm looking forward to it a lot.
How's Evelyn? She's lovely & doing so well with her potty training. I'm very proud but I do wish she would let me sleep longer. 

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