Evelyn's 2 week update

I can't believe how much Evie has changed in the past few days, it's absolutely incredible: She's become a lot more alert & is more vocal - we call her little gurgles "singing." Today is her official due date, which is so strange because sometimes I forget that she was this developed when I was pregnant with her. She's asleep on my chest at the moment & she seems such a content baby. I've got mastitis, which is no fun at all, but I've had a lot of help  & support from my parents & George so I want to say a massive thank you to them. 

Alfie (our cat) seems to have gotten used to Evelyn being around & although I wouldn't leave the two of them alone together he is joining us quite often when we nap (my new hobby), which is precious. I'm still writing Evie a letter every day & trying to get a photo at least once a day - I will be making her a scrap book very soon & would be happy to share some of it with you all if you'd like. For now though, here's her 2 week update:

Age: 2 weeks 1 day.
Weight/Height: 6lb 7oz :)
Sizes: 0-1 month fits her perfectly as do most "newborn" sizes.
Sleep&food: She wakes every 3 hours for a feed, it's like clockwork. She also has an "awake" time at around 5:30 - 6:30 which is lovely as this is when George gets home from work so she gets to stare at him. It's so nice to watch, I tear up often (funny hormones.)
Evelyn's favourite thing: Doudou et Compagnie Rabbit Booties (RRP £16.95). They were a gift from Peter, Julia, Ollie, Sam & Rose - we all love them so much & are so grateful. They're super soft & rattle when her feet move, I don't think you can get much cuter than that. Because Evelyn's feet are pretty big they're quite snug & I don't think they're likely to stretch all the way through their 0-6 month guide size, but she's wearing them almost every day at the moment & are absolutely perfect for easter, so we're certainly getting good use of them.
My favourite thing: An other nod to the easter theme: her gorgeous "little rabbit" vest & pink polka dot trousers from H&M. I can't find them online unfortunately but I had to mention them because they are just too cute. They came with a matching eared hat & were a gift from Wendy, James, Sienna & Ronnie - I can't wait for you to meet her, thank you all so much for all her lovely gifts, we love them all. I am especially glad to have the baby trousers because they don't need to be washed as often as her baby-grows. She spits up over anything near her mouth, but her nappy never leaks so she can actually wear trousers more than once. Practical win!
Milestones: We went out on our own for the first time this week & the existence of her "awake" time is amazing - before she would only be awake when feeding (& sometimes not even then.) She's also "gassy smiling" a lot, which I know isn't a REAL smile, but it's what her smile will look like so I love it all the same.
Best moment this week: There are, as always, so many. Evelyn truthfully makes the most mundane of tasks interesting & I love her so much for it. The absolute best moment this week though has to be getting my gorgeous engagement ring. (More about that in an other post later this week.)
What we've learnt: To always carry a bottle of water with me whenever I'm planning on feeding, how to use a sling (we have the Caboo Close Carrier in Navy), not to do too much in one day & to have as many cuddles as possible.
Looking forward to: We're off to see Evie's granny this afternoon & then we're introducing her to some friends who are back in the Shire for easter. It's George's birthday on Thursday which we have nothing planned for yet but will be nice all the same & I'm very much looking forward to just spending Monday bank holiday with my lovely family. Happy Easter everyone :D

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