37 weeks pregnant

Happy mother's day to all you lovely mums out there: I hope everyone's having a nice & relaxing day. To my mamma: I know you're downstairs & I told you already but I love you very much.

I was considering waiting until tomorrow to post my update, but then I figured as this post is all about becoming a mum it's probably relevant enough to get away with posting it on mother's day. I didn't want to post a NORMAL bump shot though: One reason is that (although it is me) I didn't want it to 'look' like me, I kind of wanted it to represent all mum's out there. The other reason is that I have my "bump photo shoot" tomorrow evening & Emilie will be able to take a better 37 week photo than I ever could & I will share that at a later date. Until then though...

How far along? 37 weeks
Measurement at belly button: Just less than 41 inches. Although you can't REALLY tell just from looking, I'm sure that baby has dropped slightly: My rib measurement is less, I can breath more easily & I'm peeing like it's going out of fashion. (Don't say I'm shy about sharing.)
Maternity clothes: I bought some nursing bras from H&M - kind of like these but my pack had one dark grey & one white with black polka dots. For some reason those particular designs aren't online. I like them, they're cosy.
Stretch marks? Nope & the ones I wondered about last week weren't stretch marks either. I can't actually see the under-side of my tummy though so there may be some sly ones hiding there, only time will tell.
Sleep: George & I swapped sleeping sides because I couldn't get out of bed very easily from my preferred side. I'm not sure that it's made sleeping any easier, but it sure makes the nightly wee-stops less of a struggle.
Best moment this week: I met baby Oliver on Monday! He is so precious & it was so lovely to see Hannah & Previn & it was great talk to them about their experiences so far. So, so happy for them! I really enjoyed spending Tuesday with George too - we went to Bristol for a cheeky shop & then over indulged at GBK. Bacon, avocado beef burger has to be one of the best things ever. Katharine & Simon also welcomed their baby girl to this world on Tuesday, so MASSIVE congratulations to them - I'm really looking forward to meeting baby Edie & seeing them all together, such exciting times.
Miss anything? Back sleeping, tummy sleeping, being able to see my toes... 
Movement: Movement is very different at the moment, there really isn't a lot of room left in there so everything is more like a Mexian wave. Very strange.
Food cravings: Not really, I've enjoyed everything I've eaten very much though - food's pretty good really.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I felt quite unwell after our Gourmet Burger, but that's no reflection on the food - I just ate too much of it.
Gender: It's been another week of everyone telling me it's going to be a girl. I find it so strange that so many people have an opinion, I know it's a fun guessing game but some people say it with such force that I'm scared to let them down. Calm down please.
Labour signs: None, but I have started to think about the labour a lot more than I was before. Before now I've been so chill about it all & although I'm not overly nervous about labour I have noticed that I'm running through all eventualities in my head multiple times a day, which is quite exhausting.
Symptoms: Acid reflux - which is, again, thanks to me stuffing far too much food in my cramped tummy. I wouldn't recommend it.
Belly button in or out? Out, out, out. Sometimes when baby is particularly wriggly I'm convinced that it thinks my belly button is the exit route. You haven't experienced weird until you have a foot kicking the underside of your navel.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy this week, apart from Tuesday morning & I think that's because I was emotional from knowing that Katharine's little lady was about to make an arrival. 
Looking forward to: The rest of mother's day, photo shoot tomorrow, seeing the girls Tuesday night, midwife appointment on wednesday, meeting Edith & anything else that pops up.

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