Evelyn's 1 week update

After a very busy day I am surprised to have a few seconds spare to write this. Evelyn is one week old today & this week has been incredible. I know there are things that I have missed while answering these questions, but if I wrote everything down this post would become a novel & I certainly don't have the energy for that. 

Age: 1 week exactly.
Weight/Height: She wasn't ever measured head to toe, but she was 6lb when weighed on Thursday & she's been guzzling away so who knows what her weight will be tomorrow when the midwife comes. I will keep you posted.
Sizes: She's still swamped by "newborn" sizes but is just that little bit too long for "tiny baby" sizes, so we just let her be swamped.
Sleep&food: We had a bit of trouble with feeding at first because of how engorged (isn't that such a horrid word?) my breasts have been but everything is going well now thanks to my "favourite thing" & she's feeding every 3 hours. I'm not too exhausted though because she lets me sleep between feeds, she's an absolute angel.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Evelyn has been so lucky & there have been so many gorgeous gifts given to her but because the weather has been so bitter the two that she's worn the most this week have been her little knitted heart hat & pink booties from my mum. I think she looks pretty adorable. They're from a local shop to us & unfortunately they don't sell them online but for anyone that's good with the ol' needles I'm sure you could knit something similar. Maybe. I'm not sure quite how tricky that would be.
My favourite thing: As unglamorous as this is, the item that has been the biggest God-send are Medela Contact Nipple Shields. The midwives at the hospital recommended them & without them I couldn't breast feed so they HAVE to be my favourite this week. I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone suffering engorged breasts & if you're having trouble breast feeding please don't beat yourself up about it, it can't work for everyone & it's not your fault. (*virtual hugs*)
Milestones: There have been so many, I mean, coming into this world has to be the biggest milestone of anyone's life & every day she learns something new. But Evelyn has also her first bath, took her first trip in the car (& the truck), & lost her umbilical cord.
Best moment this week: The best moment this week & one of the best moments of my life was the 16th when Evelyn came into this world. Nothing compares.
What we've learnt: A thousand things, but a few useful tips  are: always carry spare muslin cloths, always carry a camera, change clothes as quickly as possible, don't worry that you need to cry sometimes & take things at your own pace.
Looking forward to: Every single second of every single day (yepp I'm soft.)

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