Our baby girl

Our sweet girl decided to make an appearance 2 weeks early, which suits me to the ground. She was born on the 16th March at 10:33 & the spooky thing is that George had guessed the 16th from the start. He was betting on a boy though so he's obviously not REALLY psychic.

She is absolutely perfect & we cannot quite believe how unbelievably lucky we are. The 16th was one of the best days of my life & it still hasn't quite sunk in that she's actually here.

We have named her Evelyn Iris Pearl. It took us a day of talking & another day of 'test running' before we told anyone that we had chosen Evelyn, but her middle names had been earmarked for months. She was 6 pounds 10 ounces, has dark blonde hair, dark blue eyes & her dads hands & feet.

We learn something new every day & she changes a little every time I look at her. Time is completely different now compared to before she came - it's taken me a good few hours to write this post & whenever I look at the clock I do a little shocked squeak at the time. Maybe it's because I can't stop staring at her or maybe it's just that i can't rush anything now, I don't know for sure. But I can say: That even though I am doing "fewer" things while awake, the days certainly feel more full.

I've been fighting with myself about how much I want to share about Evelyn on my blog & there will always be things that I want to keep personal but I would like to keep doing weekly updates while she's changing so much & then maybe monthly updates there on after.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has sent cards, gifts & congratulations - we feel so lucky to have such amazing friends & family.

Her bear in the picture is one that her mormor bought her months ago & is the Air Puppy Dangle Bear - Pudge - I'm sure it will be appearing in many more photos in the future.

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