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I mentioned in my last post that I received my engagement ring last week & as it may seem a little bit confusing that this happened months after George & I have got engaged I thought I should probably explain why: When George proposed (very romantically, may I add) he gave me a gorgeous ring that was a gift to his mother when he was born. I love it & I love the history behind it, but clearly his mother doesn't share my sausage fingers so it is a bit snug.

Being pregnant at the time of the proposal we decided it would be a good idea to wait until after the birth to get it re-sized as we were pretty sure that my fingers were chubbier than before & it seemed silly to get it made bigger only to have to have it made smaller again at a later date. However, even after my fingers returned to normal they were still too big for the ring & so we took Evelyn on a day trip to meet our jeweler Martin & brought the ring along with us to discuss getting it resized.
To cut a long story short: Because of the way the stones were set several of them were on the verge of falling out & although it would be possible to resize the ring, the worry was that when worn daily the stones would eventually fall out. This was obviously not something either of us wanted, so we made the decision to keep the ring as an heir-loom & have a new engagement ring made. Then, last week my ring arrived & George placed it on my finger & I cried a little bit - it's perfect. The ring itself is 18ct white gold with a single 0.28ct Diamond, it fits perfectly (of corse) & I hope I will be able to wear it forever more.

My decision in writing this blog & sharing something so personal was not to brag, or to create a platform for comparison; I made it because I want to share the work of an amazing artist.

I'm lucky enough to own two rings made by Martin & my lovely mum owns a few more. Each ring is perfect for our personality & finished to an incredible standard & they are all that much more special because they were made JUST for us.

Martin & Carrie have been creating distinctive jewellery from their workshop/showroom for the past 30 years. They stock pre-made jewellery that is available to view online & in their showroom, they also produce jewellery to commission: This can either be approached by first creating a design or first setting a budget. My occasion ring (pictured) is an example of a bespoke ring & you can view other images here. The standard of finish & the quality of the jewellery is immaculate & I will alway recommend their work to anyone looking for something special.

I find it very strange that it is possible to buy an engagement ring from the same store you buy your carrots & although I understand the convenience, I do wonder why you ever would. Going to the jeweler & designing your own ring is the most incredible experience, especially when you get to meet the individual who's going to be making it & we will certainly be going back for our wedding rings.

The shop is located adjacent to the parish church in Tetbury (GL8 8JG) & there is a car park opposite. It is advisable to telephone on 01666 503819 prior to making a special journey.

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