36 weeks pregnant

If everything goes to plan I should be having a baby this month. I've got to say that I find that quite surreal. I can't really remember what has happened this week - my baby brain is in full force & my mind is mostly focussed on the future. Sorry in advance if I've forgotten to mention anything important. Hope you've all had a good week.

How far along? 36 weeks
Measurement at belly button: 41 INCHES!!! No wonder I've felt so massive this week.
Maternity clothes: Yepp, I went to the NCT nearly new sale this morning & bought a few tops. I'm going to do a quick blog post that will probably be up tomorrow showing what I bought so will include pics in there & will add a link to this post when I can.
Stretch marks? I'm not sure. That probably seems really silly but my skin is so transparent that I can't quite tell if these are stubborn "pillow marks" or if they are actually stretch marks. They only appeared today so I will keep an eye on them & update you next week.
Sleep: I've been having some lovely naps at lunch time on the sofa. Kitten joins me for them & I slept so well yesterday that I actually woke up with a proper dribble patch on the pillow - if that's not a sign of a good sleep I'm not sure what is :P
Best moment this week: My midwife appointment on Wednesday was lovely, I always enjoy them - no matter how late she is (I waited an hour & a half this time round.) There's just something so emotional about hearing babies heartbeat & being told where it's laying etc. At the moment baby is head down but not engaged.
Miss anything? I am starting to miss my pre-pregnancy body. I'm very off-balance & feel very heavy. I've actually found myself wishing I could do the evening sit ups with George.
Movement: Lots of wriggles, no really big movements any more as baby is rather quickly running out of space but it is still very active.
Food cravings: Bread with olive oil & salt. Oh and McFlurry's. Nom nom nom.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.
Gender: At the NCT sale today I sort of wished I knew the gender. That wish quickly passed, but it was difficult not to feel a little jealous of all the mums picking out cute dresses or mini lumberjack shirts. There's always the next one though, so never mind ey?
Labour signs: The odd braxton hicks. I think I was tempting fate last week - everything I said I had nothing of has happened this week.
Symptoms: The braxton's have happened a few times & I have fat fingers.
Belly button in or out? Out, I don't think there's really any turning back from here.
Happy or moody most of the time: Both, but mainly happy this week. 
Looking forward to: Coffee at the lock keepers with the ladies tomorrow, pamper evening with the girls at some point & hopefully a bump photo shoot with George - though that one's not 100% as Emilie (the photographer) may have had her baby boy before then... we shall see.

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