Our garden project - Super base

I cannot believe it was a month since we cleared all the soil ready to lay the shed base - thank goodness we're not doing a bigger project. The main reason that we didn't do anything sooner is that Jo & Andy popped off on holiday & we didn't have the confidence to do anything without them so we had to wait until the 1st October to get all cementy.

Travis Perkins delivered 8 bags of cement & two bulk bags of ballast last Monday so we started by piling the ballast onto a sheet of tarpaulin near the mixer & moving the cement bags closer too. The next bit of prep was laying & pinning the planks of wood where we wanted the base to finish. I've planned to have stone chippings to the left of the cement which will allow any rain water to drain properly & stop our hole becoming a makeshift swimming pool.

After that came the mixing, shifting & laying of the 'grey blanket'. This is around the time that Jo & I took Evelyn for a walk to the park - good timing right? Usually you would need to put down some hardcore or something similar before pouring cement to create a base but because we dug down so deep the soil is almost completely clay & we've made 100% sure that it's level so Andy made the executive decision to just go ahead & pour.

When it was all laid & raked we pushed black flex conduit into the cement for when we plan on running electrics to the shed & then leveled everything with a long bit of wood that Jo bought for a couple of quid & a smaller bit of wood that Andy bought along with him. When that was done we pushed steel rings near the back fence so that when the shed's up we can securely lock items to them, I can't quite get my head around how that will work with the flooring so you'll find that out around the same time that I do.

Evelyn still absolutely loves watching everything so when I was making us lunch she would happily sit on the lawn with a blanket on her head watching the boys at work. It was very cute. We have now picked & paid for our shed so that will be delivered sometime (maximum waiting time around 4 weeks) & I guess assembly will be the next stage of the project.

We also need to make some steps down & I still need to get to grips with how I'm going to make things aesthetically pleasing so maybe some of that will come before assembly, but of course I will be documenting everything so you'll know when I know.

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