In to the woods - SVA Goods Shed

At 1:30 this afternoon Evelyn & I went to watch my littler brother (& the rest of the lovely cast) in a performance of in to the woods at SVA Goods Shed. Usually I steer clear of youth theater - even my brother was surprised that I went along - but I am so glad that I got over myself & watched the show. The cast were all brilliant, Rachel (the director) did a great job working with the space & the musicians were phenomenal. I loved the atmosphere, the attention to detail & I especially love how pleasantly surprised I was.

You might think that I would be biased because a family member was in the cast but I promise you I would not make such an effort to write a (very rushed) post about the performance if I did not genuinely love it. I would love to write more about the experience & talk in detail about how cute it was that baby Evelyn grinned when she heard her uncle but I really wanted to post this before their last show tonight so that if you are local & you haven't heard about it you can try & grab some tickets on the door.

Tickets are £12.50 each & the last show starts at 8:00 TONIGHT I promise that if you like theater you will love this show.

Please note, that the Goods Shed, like the woods, can get cold at this time of year... dress warmly & feel free to bring cushions & blankets.

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