Last Minute Halloween - Skull Bride

I'm usually really organised with my Halloween costume but this year I didn't want to spend any money so I got a bit trigger-happy with my makeup instead. I decided to take these pictures at the end of the night to see how well my face would last so there's a little bit of smudging here & there but it's all pretty similar to how I started the night. Minus the sweat. Sorry about that.

From start to finish I probably spent a little over an hour painting & it took half as long again to take it all off at the end of the night so I wouldn't recommend this look if you're impatient. If you do want to recreate it, however, all you'll need is some light foundation, gel liner, charcoal eyeshadow & some brushes.

There are lots of great tutorials online but I found it easiest to feel the bones on my face & sketch them with the gel liner. I'm not going to try to explain step by step but if you do want to do something similar then I hope these photos inspire you a little bit.

I wore my hair scraped back in a bun & for clothing I chose a pair of black leggings, a black strap top, a black lace vest, a charcoal waterfall cardigan, black waist belt & a skin toned dress. The dress was something that I used as part of a vampire costume a few years back so it was ripped & had fake blood on which I guess added to the overall look. My nails were painted black but if I had more time I would probably have done my skull nails again.

I'm super shy so I think in the future I'll probably only do something this 'bold' for a party where I'm drinking but it was a great night & although I wish I wasn't so socially nervous the party was awesome & I did actually really like the way my look turned out.

Happy Halloween :)

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